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  1. I hope so @Brain on fire, thank you for your comment :)!
  2. Hi Eyecepick. This is my first ever bout of cluster headaches and I can honestly say I’m SO grateful that amatriptalyn has given me some relief, i am still 100% getting the headaches but the pain is a million times better on them. When I first started getting them 3 months ago I ended up taking a few days off here and there as I just couldn’t cope at work. How long have you suffered? Have you found anything that helps you? How long have you suffered? I hope you don’t mind me asking but it helps being able to relate to people in a way. Mine suddenly just started after I relaxed from a really sh
  3. Thank you both so much!! I’ve already read and reread your treatment protocol a good few times to try and get my head around it all. I live in the UK but I will go iherb and get it all ordered. Thank you so much for your explanation Batch. I’m getting on well with the amatriptalyn, only on quite a low dose of 20mg per day and the side affects are pretty minimal compared to the pain I was getting from the headaches before I started, so I was planning on sticking with the amatriptalyn for a while until I get the right serum level and get myself off of it. I work a lot at the moment due to the in
  4. I had my vit d checked recently and I want to start the vit d regime but my serum is already 86nmol/l. Isn’t that the desired level anyway? I’ve taken vit d supplements of 4000iu for quite a few months along with some general multi vitamins and I started taking them just before I started getting cluster headaches. Does this mean the vitamin d regime won’t work for me as my serum is already where it needs to be? I posted the last couple of days as a new poster explaining about my situation. I’m currently on amatriptalyn which is keeping the pain bearable but I’m still getting the headaches a
  5. I’m in the UK so we don’t often have a lot of decent sunlight. On top of that I have a 9-5 office job so now it’s winter I literally leave to go work in the dark and come home in the dark :/
  6. Thank you all for your replies! The amatriptalyn has massively helped, I completely understand the term ‘suicide headaches’ used for CH as I don’t understand how anyone could want to live their lives with this pain so at the moment I’m SO grateful for the amatriptalyn but I just don’t want to be on medication long term. Verapamil is the next medication I’m due to b put on but after my own research I’m not convinced, it seems a lot of people don’t have that much help from being on high doses for long periods of times with the potential for it to cause heart problems. I personally want
  7. I’ve been diagnosed with cluster headaches. They started only in September this year following a VERY stressful period in my life. Previously suffered with a few migraines but never dealt with this sort of pain. They started off at 9pm every night until they increased to 3 times a day, one in the morning, one at lunch and the evening one. The pain always started behind my right eyebrow, quickly following around the right side of my face, feeling as though my bones were being crushed. Lasted an hour max. Got put on Amatriptalyn a month ago, only taking about 15mg a day and I know I’m still gett
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