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  1. Thank you for your post. Honestly I am in a really weird place right now. I am using the Triptan 2x a day and feel like crap however it's way better than having a ch. I tried O2 and didnt really work for me. I will try again tonight given I dont have to go to work in the morning. Bringing o2 to work just cant happen I work in a very competitive hostile environment that wouldnt really take kindly to me pulling out a mask while I work... I am going to try the d3 regime and when I am back in canada I will find the ingredients I need to do a proper busting because it does look promising. I pretty much live with a shadow 24hrs 365 days a year which has led to me abusing alcohol because it gives me some relief but I am stopping that now and I am just in constant pain although it's not necessarily a cluster the shadow I get is more than enough to make me exhausted and depressed. Hopefully the D3 regime helps with that. Anyways thank you for sharing. This site has been quite the blessing. Thank you
  2. Could you please point me in the direction to get the D3 guide or regime?
  3. Thank you for the replies. I will read up on the threads provided above. I do have O2 and I will give that a try. Part of the issue is my work environment , culturally speaking, doesn't really support bringing a small O2 tank. Nor does it really care if I get a CH in the middle of the day. Question, I am seeing on this forum the word "shadow" when people say this are they referring to the constant nagging (or almost light throbbing of a headache that could come)? I am going to look at busting but would like to do more research so will do it for my next cycle. Just need to survive this one right now.
  4. Hi all, Happy new year! I am very new to this site. But very thankful to have found it. I was recently diagnosed with CH last year after undergoing my 4th nerve ablation (burning the nerve in the back of my head). Multiple doctors have thought it was pinched nerve due to multiple football head injuries. Anyways needless to say after 20 years of excruciating headaches I have arrived at CH. I just started my CH cycle about 2 weeks ago where I didnt take any meds once one hit as I was travelling on vacation. They came at 4am and 11am, with the morning ones lasting 2-3 hrs or until I passed out and the 11am ones being sporadic in length (30 mins to in and out for 5 hours, but mostly 1-2 hrs). This was the first time I didnt take any drugs, typically i would take morphine and other narcotics like it was like candy to try and kill the pain but have now realised there is a good chance these never worked it was just the CH running its course. To say the least it was extremely hard to be "sober" and go through this. Once I got home I used Sumatriptan ( 6mg cartridge) at 4 am for my typical headache it was done in 5 mins. I started crying from joy. That day I didnt get one till 6pm, I waited a bit to see if it was really going to come and when it did I did another injection... bam it was gone. I started messaging my family like I won the lottery. The next day (today) the pattern changed, got a headache at 2am, 8am, 2pm, and one that seems to be coming now. I used a shot for the last 3 but worried about how this pattern is developing. I am 2 weeks into my cycle and from what I can remember they definitely ramp up in frequency so I dont know if this is just my cycle or because I am using this drug. Also, as I mentioned before I have typically been extremely doped up throughout my cycle so my memory isn't the greatest. I would appreciate peoples thoughts on this and whether or not I should be concerned. I also will continue to look through the forum to see if someone has had a similar experience and how they handled it. Thank you for your time. Sorry realise this is under the wrong topic... dont know how to move it sorry
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