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  1. Tony2

    Verapamil helping, hurting, or doing nothing?

    To follow-up: I think the Verapamil helped a little. I was on 240 mg extended release. I started taking it a week after my cycle started so I didn't get to see the benefit over a full cycle (~40 days for me), and the middle of the cycle is typically the worse. I got the same amount of headaches as my prior cycles, but the severity was down based on reading my notes from prior cycles (pain scale of 1 to 10). I believe my current cycle is finished, but I can only truly determine that after having alcohol. I always wait a couple of extra weeks just in case the cycle isn't over. CHfather, thanks for the info / tips. I hope everyone is hanging in there!!!!
  2. Tony2

    Verapamil helping, hurting, or doing nothing?

    I have been getting clusters on a roughly 2 year cycle for the past 15 years. The cycles last about 5 weeks. The starting month is a moving target. The last cycle was Nov 2017 after a Nov 2015 cycle and a Sept 2013 before that, but this one is April 2020. I try to not take drugs if possible, but it becomes too unbearable at times. The past 3 cycles, I’ve been using the Sumatriptan nasal spray. I probably wait too long to take it because I really only want to do it if necessary, but then I deal w/ a monster headache. I find that no 2 clusters are the same (pain or length). Unfortunately, while the time between cycles has been somewhat consistent, as have the cycle times, the severity and frequency during the cycles is getting worse. Alcohol is 100% a trigger for me and has always been. I am starting to find working out and being hot under a blanket are also triggers. Anyway, to get to the point, I started taking 240mg of verapamil 2 days ago. I can let you know how it goes.