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  1. Crossing my fingers still with this myself. It has been very effective but there have still been a few times that put me on oxygen for several hours. Varapamil worked not bad at the start for me, then the side effect of getting loss of breath and easily exhausted became more uncomfortable. Even taking magic mushrooms at the start of the cycle worked amazing to blow the cycle each time for a couple years, started not working so well. This condition was brewed up in hell by some evil witch
  2. I'm pretty much chronic as well. I have 2 very heavy 2.5 month cycles and in between cycles I don't go more than 3 or 4 days without a problem. I'm 66 and had it all my life. Treatments for this seem to be different for everyone and also they can randomly not work at all some times. I was very lucky to find the quercetin for me. I have still had some bad days this cycle that I needed to get on my oxygen concentrator. good luck with your search for something effective.
  3. HI Rod. I'm new at this with the quercetin. I started at the start of my cycle on about April 15. I sounds like our cycles are very similar in frequency and intensity. I can really feel your pain. It sounds like the quercetin is starting to work though... I started the quercetin with a 500mg cap in the morning for the first 3 weeks then got a mild attack (rough night and morning) and upped my dose to 1,000mg in the morning. I sometimes do another 500 in the evening if it looks like I'll need it. I have had about 5 or 6 mild attacks since I started using it and those were easily taken care of
  4. Good Luck. Don't do the Verapamil while doing the Quecetin though. it intesifies the effects.
  5. Thanks for those links as well Spiny. I had belonged, for a short while, to another cluster forum around 2010 when I was finally properly diagnosed. I didn't want to go saying something unless I was confident. I also did a search on the site to see if it was mentioned already before I posted. I did a lot of research and was very cautiously optimistic about it. It took a week of completely pain free time before I even started to let myself believe it. I have been disappointed enough times thinking I had something that worked and then, boom. The regular dose was supposed to be 1,000mg. I had 500
  6. I am sorry for your friend. I don't know what research would support that kind of treatment. Thank you for your comment and concerns. I have done much research and don't take things lightly. 1,000mg per day is a normal upper limit dose. If taking for more than 12 weeks it may be good to consult a doctor. Although there have been no studies to say it is not safe. I understood the medications that I was being prescribed and that Quercetin affected the same receptor. I am more confident of an entourage effect medication than a targeted pharma type. In doing anything though check with doctor
  7. here are a couple links on it for the Covid19. https://www.mcgilltribune.com/sci-tech/montreal-researchers-propose-a-treatment-for-covid-19-170320/ https://regenexx.com/blog/coronavirus-episode-9-can-quercetin-help-covid-19/ I don't have any research on quercetin for cluster headaches, it was just putting a few things together and then checking it out on myself and found that 1,000mg in the morning each day now that I'm in my cycle, has brought a normally killer time, to a near stand still. It can take 20 minutes or so on the oxygen concentrator to kill an attack. Sometimes it just k
  8. I am new to this forum and before posting, I did a search for the word quercetin, incase someone else has stumbled upon this simple substance that puts close to a full stop to the headaches. I have been taking 1,000 milligrams of quercetin, a natural bio flavanoid under natural health products and have been headache free so far, 5 weeks into my 10 week cycle. below is a short version of my story. I am 66, living in BC Canada and have Cluster Headaches all my life, first hospitalized in 1972 at 17. I get a 10 week cycle, twice a year, pius disturbances outside my cycle. I wasn't prope
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