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  1. UPDATE: My PCP was not able to prescribe me oxygen and went as far as saying that no PCP at the clinic had heard of prescribing O2 for this. He said that O2 therapy is a specialty treatment for CH and needs to come from the Neuro. I asked for referal to a headache specialist since my Neuro specializes in Epilepsy and seizures. In all fairness, I have not seen my PCP for this condition in the past so I'm not surprised. He did give me a script for Prednisone to help break what he's calling medication overuse headaches from taking too many OTC drugs to relieve minor pain. I'm also on day 9 of Verap so hopefully that kicks in soon. I am now at the maximum amount of triptans allowed in a 30-day period so I'll be dealing with these on my own. I have found some minor relief with 5 hour energy shots and heavy breathing but that seems to only delay the full attack.
  2. Thank you everyone for the advice and suggestions. I am calling around this morning looking for medical supply companies that deliver to my residence. I have a good relationship with my PC doc and I'm hoping that I can use the resources here to help him understand what I need him to do so I can get tanks. I'm lucky enough I work from a home office so having the large tanks will not be that much of a hassle. I have insurance through the state but I don't have any problem paying out of pocket to try something different to bring relief. My doctor did prescribe me vials of Imitrex but I had a hard time injecting myself with needles. I see there are a couple of companies that now offer 4mg and 3mg triptan auto-injectors but my neuro said they aren't available in my area or through my insurance. I will look into splitting the shots. The main concern my neuro had with O2 seemed to be storage and safety hazards. I asked about O2 therapy at the end of my last CH episode and he suggested waiting until the next so I wouldn't have full tanks lying around the house unsecured.
  3. Hello, I'm Chris and this is my first post on CB... I've been following the forum for a while in search of other's stories with CH and wanted to share mine. I've been dealing with CH for nearly 17 years and I am going through the most complex cluster of my life. Nearly all of my CH episodes last 3-5 weeks and affect the left side of my head. I typically treat them with Verapamil and Imitrex shots or pills for mild ones. I mentioned this episode was the worst and most complex. I started getting my "normal" CH around Easter this year but didn't start the Verapamil. I didn't have any of the SR pills on hand and couldn't be seen to renew with C19 shutting down most clinics. Sometime around the second week of May I stopped getting my headaches but was dealing with shadows. After two weeks of no CH I assumed I was in remission. However, starting about 10 days ago I seem to have retriggered a CH episode but this time it's 100% affecting the right side of my head. I know CH can switch sides but this is the first time it's happened since 2006 and I find it odd that it happened so closely to my last episode. My neurologist suggested starting my typical treatment but also introduce 250mg/day magnesium and 50mg/day B-2. Anyway, I've been reading a lot about high-flow oxygen therapy and requested it. My neurologist said his clinic doesn't work with home medical suppliers and that I need to get this initiated from my primary care physician. Has anyone else had to do this to get on O2? My neurologist initially suggested that I was a low-risk patient if I were to use more than the 5 shots/week but has now rescinded that statement and told me to stop Imitrex. I've reached out to my primary care doc but curious what else can I do? Thanks.
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