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  1. Thanks Kat! A diary is a great idea, I'll definitely be doing that. Really helps to know the constant pain does happen. I'll look into d3 for sure, the opioids don't really help which lines up with what CHfather said.
  2. Thank you both for taking to time to reply and for the good advice. I'll keep track of my symptoms and hopefully things will make sense!
  3. Half a week ago a pain behind my left eye started along with a fever that comes and goes. I also have a headache that makes it difficult for me to do anything but not unbearably painful as I've seen cluster headaches described. I thought it was a migraine and went to the doctors for a covid test to be safe because of my fever and he said my left eye was red and I showed all the symptoms of cluster headaches. He then prescribed me with Tylenol #3. However, I don't think I have cluster headaches because the pain is constant and tolerable and I have not read anything about fever as a symptom. Is this a misdiagnosis or perhaps because it is my first one it is not as painful? Any help is very appreciated, I have not been able to find answers anywhere.