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  1. hello, yes ! I've had a number of people reach out to you, you've been tremendously helpful Mr. Denny. Never underestimate the power of the internet. Really appreciate your help with this. I'll be sure to post the article here when it goes online. Will either be this weekend or next. It explores a lot of interesting developments.
  2. Thanks for this! I'll be sure to check out that video. I had meant to post a link to a previous article I wrote, about massive accidental doses of LSD causing permanent positive changes in people's mental health. https://www.thestar.com/edmonton/2020/02/28/this-canadian-researcher-says-overdosing-on-lsd-might-just-be-good-for-you.html
  3. Hello! My name is Omar Mosleh and I'm a reporter at the Toronto Star, a newspaper in Canada. I'm writing an article about the psychedelic renaissance, and how various psychedelics from LSD, psilocybin and MDMA being used for psychotherapy for mental health conditions as such a depression, anxiety and PTSD. I'm also interested in talking to anyone who has experienced relief from cluster headaches by using psychedelics. I am hoping to find a Canadian who would be willing to share their experience. My email is omarmosleh@thestar.ca if there is anyone interested. Your help would play a huge part in helping this story come to life. Be well. OMM
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