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  1. I am guilty of using this site for tips on the psilocybin prevention. And it has worked so far for me, I am headache free for TWO YEARS!!.   But when it started working i stopped coming here dailey, i am gonna change that.  

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  2. Once my attacks are gone for a few days i will try going back to normal.  Having a beer while watching a game, or smoking a cigar.  Gotta live as much as you gan in between or else it makes it harder to get through it .what i mean is in the middle of a cycle the idea of having some beers when this is over can keep me motivated.

  3. 1 hour ago, devonrex said:

    Also, if you are ok with sumatriptan, you may want to look at the nasal spray if not the injector, they work far faster than a pill. It was a wonder for me, only thing that really touched them.

    same here.  it is the only thing i have ever tried that even touched them.  but again if i take one and then have 2-3 more attacks that day i am screwed. I have definitely "overused" the pills and hurt my digestive system before.  

  4. 8 hours ago, CHfather said:

    The pills barely work in any event.  If you ask your doctor about oxygen, s/he is likely not to give it to you. Lord knows why, but that's how it usually works. You need to insist on oxygen, and/or find a doctor that is competent enough to prescribe it.  For a bunch of stuff that might be helpful, take a look at this file: https://clusterbusters.org/forums/topic/6213-basic-non-busting-information/

    thank you will give it a read!

  5. Thanks.  Sometimes I KNOW I am taking too much triptan to get through a family event or something. My stomach pays the price.  Plus my insurance won’t cover more than 9 pills a week.  So if I run out I am in trouble.  

    I need to ask my dr about oxygen. And I would like to try mm

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  6. Hello

    I am new to this site.  I didnt know a community like this existed. I have been suffering cluster headaches since i was 19 years old ( i am 39). Although I didnt know that until about 4 years ago. I was just told they were migraines.  My current Dr was the first one to call them cluster headaches and gave me a prescription for Sumatriptan (100mg).  These do EVENTUALLY take the pain from the headache i am feeling at the time away but dont prevent the next one.  The next one could come anywhere between 2-24 hours later, depending where I am in my cycle.  My headaches tend to start slow and far between then ramp up to very sevre and happen 4-5 times in a 24 hour period.  So sometimes i take a pill and then i get another attack before its safe to take another.  I am currently on the "backend" of a now 6 week cycle and hoping i am almost done.  


    I am very interested in trying to bust this pattern.  I may want to try doing it after this cycle is gone.  What amount of mushrooms by weight is recomended?


    anyone else in the western pa area on here?

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