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    Hi new friends, little bit about my situation with the miserable head aches. Probably started 21/22 no idea took everything that said 'pain relief' of course nothing work some numbed it help fall asleep but not much help. Finally went to the doctors confirmed they we most likely CH's. My period begins the same time every year. Generally June/July and hopefully finishes early/late August. Not so bad, i do recognize this and have come to terms with it (this helps a lot). This period started exactly 1 July, currently 27th July. Head aches are generally 1 every day, seem to be spaced like this. CH at 6am (1 hour before can function again) this will happend 2-3 days then the CH will be at 3/4am waking me up (1 hour before back to sleep) 1/2 days, before reverting back to 6am. (rough guide) Triggers are alcohol, other then that seems to be episodic. The pain is enough for me to lay on the floor, fetal position wondering what on earth i did to receive this pain. Blood shot eye, runny nose i have also noticed body temperature goes up, as we are in winter and can quite comfortably sit outside breathing cold fresh air without been cold, anyone else notice this? (albeit i live in Australia so not what some might call cold) Currently take 80mg 'Relpax' this is a eliptran. These are good if take at first sign of CH keeping pain for an hour, as compared to 2-3 without. 80mg is to much for me so break pill down to thirds/half depending time and location of CH. Been using these for 2/3 years now. Side effects are drowsiness, if i go back to asleep i will sleep through alarm, but can still function at work with this side effect. Seem to be experiencing some sensation in the arm when i take these pills (will be keeping an eye on this!) 180cm tall, 75kg, physically active, healthy, eat well, no other diagnoses. Unfortunately am i smoker.. 10 or so years now.. how time flies haa. Anyway that's about it, this year they seem to be a little softer either that or i am managing the pain a bit better. I would like to talk to an Australian who has managed to get hold of the correct Oxygen set up, as it seems to be a few hoops to jump through over here. Thanks for reading, Very grateful that there are others out there with this problem, as when you tell people they response is always 'oh wow have you tried this or that' no Karen it isn't that simple.. Good luck to us and hope all is well.