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  1. SahrThundermane

    How do triptans (Relpax) affect magic mushrooms?

    The pain I get is similar to how CH is described, but the rest of the symptoms fit migraines better. I've never had a diagnosis since they respond well to triptans and I've never had to search further than that for relief. The other night I felt my classic tells that I would have a migraine the next morning: watery eyes, extremely dry mouth and thirst, neck pain and stiffness, yawning, and pressure behind my eyes. I tried the SPUT method mentioned on here with a very small dose of shrooms (about 0.15g) held under my tongue for about 20-30 minutes and did not wake up with any sign of a headache at all! Even if that's just coincidence or placebo I didn't have to spend another Monday dying of a migraine. Thanks for the tips! I'll keep experimenting with the magic mushrooms and hopefully be able to post some more migraine results for anyone in my same boat.
  2. SahrThundermane

    How do triptans (Relpax) affect magic mushrooms?

    Yes, I'm mainly using the MM to help with general anxiety disorder after coming off SSRIs over 6 months ago and I'd rather never go on them again. This website seemed the best to find out how the mushrooms would interact with the triptans I use for my migraines, while also possibly pointing me towards using psilocybin for migraines as well, though that wasn't my original intention. I did find the playing well with others article after researching some more, so I found the answer to my question anyway but the replies have been very helpful as well. Would the fact I've had good luck treating migraines with triptans possibly mean psilocybin will work as well?
  3. SahrThundermane

    How do triptans (Relpax) affect magic mushrooms?

    That's about what I've read browsing on here and shroomery. Is the SPUT typically a threshold dose or sub-threshold? I'd like to try it for managing migraines at work because the side effects of the triptans are undesirable, but I can't work tripping on shrooms lol. Usually my migraines aren't within 5 days if each other unless there's a low pressure system or something, so 5 days triptan free hopefully is doable. What do you mean by "will not block your bust"?
  4. SahrThundermane

    How do triptans (Relpax) affect magic mushrooms?

    That's what I've been reading mostly, but there's not a ton of info about it. I'll wait until next weekend (provided I don't need Relpax again before then). Thanks for the reply! I guess this gives me more incentive to try to use the shrooms as an abortive and not the triptans.
  5. It's the beginning of migraine season for me, and I've just started taking Relpax (40mg oral tab) to treat them. I've been experimenting a lot with shrooms the past 2-3 months, and I'm wondering how the use of the eletriptan once or twice a week will affect the mushrooms. Does it cause tolerance to psilocybin? If I took Relpax today and on Thursday, would I be able to trip tomorrow (Sunday) or should I wait 5-7 days? I'd like to also get into a routine of using shrooms to treat migraines, but at work I need to rely on the triptans and just want to know how they will affect my trip.