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  1. @jon019 Thank you! Yes, obviously my frustration is seeping through here. I would obviously love if this was a misdiagnosis! But I hope I'll learn enough here to be a better advocate for myself, and I appreciate everyone's help.
  2. Thanks, everybody. I have no intention of letting this halt my life. And there is strange solidarity in knowing I am not the only young woman old man doctors are just not listening to. @CHfather thanks for the links. These are a great place to start. Gonna get a handle on this.
  3. Hi, I am a 29 year old woman a little more than a month into my first cluster cycle. Pretty scared, to be honest. I (kind of) just got an official diagnosis yesterday. I went to a headache clinic, and when I gave the resident my copious records I have kept this month, she immediately diagnosed as clusters. However, when her attending came to confirm, he said he wasn't comfortable officially diagnosing cluster headaches because I am a woman in her 20s (and apparently the more common demographic is male smokers in their 50s). He is calling it "severe migraines with many cluster
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