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  1. Hi Batch - I started the D3 regimen on 1/25. I did not get blood tested prior. I am taking all the supplements listed except zinc, boron, and vitamin a because my cvs didn’t have those and my doctor told me to take those supplements directly and not take multi vitamin. I was having 2-8 headaches a day in the week prior to starting. Today is 2/2 so just over a week in and I haven’t had a headache in 48 hours for the first time in 3 months. I’m already at my longest cycle yet so perhaps it’s just coincidence and not the supplements helping, but I’m betting they are helping based on the wiki evid
  2. Thanks CHfather! My point 2 was just that I wasn’t under the impression that a full 100% of CH people have low D levels. And therefore if mine wasn’t low, the D3 regimen would be pointless. That could very well be wrong but that was how I understood it. On the injections I use a 4mg injector.
  3. Hi all - longtime CH sufferer (11 years), first time posting. My cycles have progressively gotten longer and had more headaches during each cycle over the years. I’m currently 3 months into a cycle and still getting 3-13 headaches per day. Historically, oxygen has worked great and I’ve managed by always keeping oxygen close by wherever I go. Now I have 1-2 headaches per day that oxygen isn’t helping, though luckily sumatriptan injections are still doing the trick. I have never tried MM or the D3 regimen but now seems like a good time to start. Also, I take 75 mg nortriptyline a day and have ta
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