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  1. I first want to say how much I appreciate everyone who built, maintains, and have posted on this website. I've learned more in the last week and a half than I have in the 4 years since I started having these attacks. Can anyone else say their episodes have gotten worse over the years? Mine are getting worse in that I'm having attacks several times a day and any time of the day. In past years I've had at most 2 a day but more importantly they were always at night. I've started the D 3 regimen and am working on getting my O2 equipment. I've also found that caffeine does a great job of stopping them. I had an interesting experience a few nights ago. After drinking too much coffee earlier in the day, which did stop the pain, I had upset my stomach to the point that when another headache came on that evening I ended up getting sick. After I had emptied my stomach the pain was gone! Definitely NOT a recommended method but I am curious about the physiology going on there.
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