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  1. Thank you all so much! We got him some red bull and that’s help keep them away today, I ordered the new regulator and it should come tomorrow so will let you know how the O2 works! I really appreciate all the help!
  2. Racer1_NC Thank you so much! I just ordered the regulator you linked! I really appreciate the pictures on how to connect the mask hose! Thank you so much! I want so much for the oxygen to work for him, it’s been really hard with a 5 month old and trying to figure out any type of solution for my husband, I can’t thank you enough!
  3. https://www.harborfreight.com/oxygen-regulator-63788.html Thank you for responding! This is the the regulator we got, to go on the welding tank and it fits! Then we got the mask from this site, cluster O2kit. the fitting I tried was 1/2 inch on the barbed side and 1/4 inch on the side the mask tubing would attach. The 1/2 inch was too small and the 1/4 inch was too big. is the tube supposed to go on the outside of the barbed fitting or fit on the inside? (Either way doesn’t work with the current fitting I got, but thought I’d ask so I am setting it up correctly.) For mushrooms he did it on a Saturday and then the next day Sunday for a higher dose. Neither worked, I didn’t know to wait 5 days. I also have it on the D3 regimen. No meds, we can’t get into a neurologist until June last cycle he tried sumpitran? But it didn’t really work for him. Thank you so much for any help! I just can’t get this oxygen up and running and I’m so sure it will help!
  4. Edit: we tried have him bust with mushrooms and it didn’t work. He took 1.5 grams the first day and then tried again with around 2 -2.5 grams and just felt nauseous all day
  5. Based on a post here I bought the Rebreather mask and Olsen regulator for a welding tank, but the regulator did not come with a barbed fitting. What size fitting do you need to fit the Olsen Regulator and tubing on the mask? I tried 1/2 barbed x 1/4 inch and that doesn’t work. I am trying to set this up for my husband who is having an awful cycle, but I really don’t know what I am doing? If someone could give me a link to the exact fitting needed that would be greatly appreciated!
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