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  1. Definitely a step in the right direction.
  2. When I lived in Florida I would get my O2 E tanks from Lincare. They are a national company based out of Clearwater however, I never inquired about M tanks. It may be worth looking into Lincare if you haven’t already.
  3. @ihatemyCHcycles thank you for sharing and sorry to hear you’re having a rough cycle. If you don’t mind sharing, did having Covid impact your sense of taste, smell or other known short/long term neurological Covid symptoms? I understand research is taking place on Covid effect on the brain which raises the question on how it impacts those of use who experience cluster headaches. thanks!
  4. Side note: this was my first post and obviously I posted this in the incorrect forum and not sure how to move the topic to the correct forum. My bad.
  5. I have been dealing with cluster headaches since 2007. For me, I can feel shadows every once in a while during the summer months which lead to the beginning of a cycle typically late October/early November. My cycle usually last 6 to 7 months with the peak hitting me hard with thirteen attacks in January then attack frequency and pain levels decrease until the cycle subside mid-spring. This past summer, it was no different. Shadows were present during the summer months with more frequent shadows in September and October. During the last week of October, I was exposed to Covid and rece
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