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  1. i will b e getting tanks from a medical o2 supplier. that mask looks good, but it $25us and shipping is $32us , that’s over $70Canadian i wonder if a similar mask is available to us Canadians.
  2. So. I wrote that blurb at the office and I appear to have skipped over some things. My original scrip for O2 was 8-12L /min, as was prescribed by my neurologist. My GP has changed the scrip this time to 15L/min with a non-re-breather mask, which I believe is what you're suggesting i should use. My Verapamil was increased last year to 240mg slow release. I was taking so much Zomig, that my benefit plan started capping it. Here in Ontario, Canada, the cost is $28 each spray. When I got below 3 boes (of 2). I would literally start to panic that I wouldn't be able to fin
  3. Hi, this is my first post so take it easy on me :-) I have suffered with CH for about 20 yrs, but was only correctly diagnosed about 6 yrs ago. I had an addiction to Advil Cold and Sinus pills as a preventative measure for about 10 yrs, 3 extra strength with breakfast and 3 before bed. Looking back, I don't think they worked very well. I had an Ear/Nose/Throat specialist perform Sinus surgery to try to alleviate the pain, to no avail. My GP, after diagnosing me, prescribed me Zomig nasal sprays and as a preventative measure, Verapimil Slow release, 120mg/day. 2 yrs ago
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