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  1. Hi everyone! my husband is still in a cycle that began 2 months ago and that has been the longest and most brutal ever. The weird thing is that for the past 20 days he has not had any full blown attack but instead woke up every day with minor pain and stuffy nose. Some days the pain tries to sneak in during the day but stops. Have any of you experienced something like that? A brutal cycle that instead of ending abruptly lingers for weeks with minor pain instead of attacks? thanks for sharing your experience!
  2. Hi! My husband got the Moderna vaccine and the day of his first shot a new cycle started, just 20 days after a previous 1-month cycle ended, but on the other side. we of course don’t know if this is because of the vaccine or just a coincidence — previous to these two cycles this year, he had been CH free for 2 1/2 years... the day of the second dose of Moderna was insane... 5 hours after the shot he had a 3-hour attack that was not aborted with a sumatriptan shot and had him yelling and rocking back and forth non stop — it was super scary.
  3. Hey Kat, I think I read elsewhere on this board that you are based in Miami? We live in Hallandale and I am trying to get oxygen but not sure where I should start... do you have any insights? Thanks so much!
  4. He got his first vaccine dose less than a month after his cycle ended... and this dose triggered (or not, but was the same day!) another cycle — on the other side — and has been in a brutal cycle for the last 4 weeks (had second dose today)
  5. Hello. My husband went through a painful one-month cycle on the right side. Three months ago. After +20 days pain free, he got the first dose of the Moderna vaccine and a new cycle started same day, on the left side this time. we do not know if it is related to the vaccine or just a coincidence. Has anyone had a cycle triggered by the Covid vaccine? thanks
  6. Hello: My husband is in a very bad cycle right now and has been taking two shots of Sumatriptan a day for 4 days in a row — we are not sure how many days in a row he can take these shots and cannot find any clear guideline. Does anyone have any insight on sumatriptan injection dosage for several days in a row? many thanks!
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