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  1. Thanks so much Jonathan. I’ve got a dr appt next week to see about getting an o2 canister as that seems to be the best option to bypass the triptans. I haven’t done much research on D3 but I’ll definitely check it out. Nice to get this type of feedback for sure!
  2. I suppose it could also be the situation that I'm just having a session of migraines vs true CHs. Not sure how they differ to be honest.
  3. Thanks for the response. It could be that mine are just smaller ones perhaps but that's just a guess. I have found it takes much longer to subdue the headache if I let it really get going, or especially if I take the triptan on a full stomach. I've only had maybe 2-3 "clusters" over the last 10-12 years and they seem to disappear after 2-4 weeks so I'm hopeful that will happen here. Given the pain that some of the posters on this forum have gone though, I do feel fortunate so far. I've asked my doctor about also getting O2 to see if that would help without resorting to the triptans. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't getting into the overuse category and it wasn't clear if it was based on the number of milligrams consumed vs just the action of using them that counted as 'overuse'. I appreciate your input.
  4. I've had CH about 5 yrs ago and 5 yrs. before that. I'm having another round during the past 2 weeks. I found that tripans really stop them in their tracks. I've also found that I do not need much at all to knock them out. My doctor gave me 100mg tablets, but I've been breaking them up as I've found that I need 25mg or less per day to get them to stop. So my question is this: is the "medication overuse" problem with triptans related to the number of days I use triptans to stop the CH or does the amount I'm using also factor in? What I mean is, should I worry about overuse problems if I'm taking such a small amount? Or is it just that stopping CH with any amount for more than 10 days is a problem?
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