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  1. I've been experiencing 3CH/day since entering my current cycle. For some reason it appears this is a magic number. I'll discuss measuring my serum 25(OH)D3 with my PCP. This has been an unusual cycle in that the timing of the headaches near onset of the cycle was offset from my typical timing. Now that I am i the midst of the cycle the timing of my headaches has become more what I usually experience/expect. XXX - How much monitoring was required of your serum vitamin D hydroxy? Your new strategy places you at the safe limit. I would be too uncomfortable to implement this strategy w/o the council of a PCP or my neurologist.
  2. Yeah, my CH are episodic too. While I cannot imagine having to deal with the threat of one of these monsters on a daily basis as chronic patients do the blindside nature of the episodic form is no picnic. My tanks are the E size and I do recall my physician informing me insurance now covers this so I may need to find a way to add supplies to my 'durable medical equipment cave'. I just ordered the mask from Clusterheadaches.com so this will help. I have most of the supplements listed above in the house but I'm also a celiac patient so I'll need to order the others from appropriate providers if necessary. Both the Bio Tech and LiveWise state they are gluten free. I suspect certification may not be needed. I'm glad I registered today...this was overdue.
  3. Why no O2 concentrators? I readily agree they are not 'technically' required but to advocate against their use seems incorrect. I ask about these because my physician mentioned these can be enhanced for the airflow requirements required to abort my episodic CH several years ago. I have not acted on this 'comment' simply because I find oxygen concetrators to be too costly. I would definitely like to know how to modify a concentrator if anyone reading my response can refer to to references. I am in an active cycle presently and find medical O2 works but is not a robust solution for me. The 4 mg Sumatriptan injection is the only means I have to abort every headache at each occurrence. I should add that I am not on and heave never been referred to the regimen of supplements given above. I will be looking at obtaining these rapidly. we have Benadryl in the house. What is the dosing schedule required?
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