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  1. Yes, and propranolol twice daily but he doesn’t believe that has much, if any, effect. He has not tried the D3 regimen because he won’t have insurance again until April and we weren’t sure about the cost of blood testing without it. However, we were planning to look into it when this started working. Is there benefit to still adding it when he’s covered again? Or best not to interfere if something seems to be working?
  2. Update: This has continued to be effective, but he was still having occasional less severe attacks, especially when the weather changed which has been happening a lot recently where we live. Added Quercetin twice daily to the schedule about 10 days ago, seems to have helped even more. Only one attack since then. He’s even been able to have a couple beers without a headache which has previously been unheard of.
  3. @CHfather No problem at all. He did try busting 3-4 times I believe. It did seem to help some (bad headache the next day then no headache for 2-3 days after which is/was rare for him), but they always came back. We were planning to experiment with a little higher dose, he did 1g every 5 days, but then we were waiting for a new supply and ordered the boswellia. He has a propolonol prescription which helped some for a while but now no longer makes much difference and sumatriptan. He has also taken Topomax (?) in the past but the side effects were too severe. I believe he tried some other medications when first diagnosed with similar results. That’s great! Hope others may find some relief as well.
  4. He’s taking NOW supplements found on Amazon. At first they just helped the severity but after a week or two of taking they helped the frequency and he’s been able to go the two weeks I just mentioned. Overall he’s been taking about a month.
  5. My fiancé has recently had great success with boswellia serrata. He has been suffering for 4 years and usually has 2-3 attacks a day chronically, sometimes more. However, this has been two weeks with only one head ache day - which came after he forgot to take the pills. I wanted to come on and share as we’ve both found this site so helpful! Busting didn’t work for him, although we may not have tried high enough doses, and he’s has tried a few different medicines. I am just hoping this success continues as things have worked short term in the past and then stopped working, although never this well. He is taking 3 pills a day, 1 in the morning, 1 at noon and 1 at night - each 500mg.
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