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  1. Thank you for all the input and motivation to pursue o2 again. I saw a new OB yesterday who had actually treated mothers with CH before! I was shocked to say the least and relieved about being understood. She agreed with increasing caffeine intake to mimic a steroid and suggesting visiting an ER during an attack for high flow oxygen too. I've only sought emergency help for CH that lasted longer than a few hours. I'm just not keen on an ER visit for relief when I will have another headache roll around in a matter of hours. Im in a rural area outside of Pittsburgh and there are drs. On the list on this website that I'm working on getting in to see but you guys are making me think maybe I can get my OB to prescribe o2 since they suggested it.
  2. Hi! I'm sure my story is a familiar one around here. CH started around puberty. Quick onset, excruciating pain behind and around my left eye, usually lasts 15min - 1 hr. watery eye and nasal drainage - I bet you guys know what this looks like. Cycles usually last 4-6 weeks and they used to be every other year or so. I've seen drs. and neurologists, neurosurgeons, had MRIs, angiogram, had drs. tell me that I'm lucky that I don't have a legitimate health problem (eye twitch) and my neurologist told me that I don't have CH because I'm a woman (eye twitch) she thought I must just be a high risk for an aneurysm. Life was depressing for the 5 min. it took me to write that off as BS. I have not been on any medication that worked other than a steroid and personally chosen not to try oxygen because I'm stingy and my insurance won't cover it considering that no dr. has taken me seriously in the 16 years that I've been seeking relief. its been almost 4 years since my last cycle and I was newly pregnant. I asked my OB if I could have a steroid because I had previously had an ER dr. prescribe one and it ended the cycle but they said no. Now I am 36 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and the headaches came back 6 days ago. In 2 weeks I'm scheduled for a caesarean and my husband and I are both scared - there is likely to be a few weeks of CH, a newborn and a 3 year old. My question, does anyone have any none drug related suggestions to shortened the cycle? Has anyone given birth during a cycle? I'm unrealistically hopeful the the hormonal change from giving birth will push my body out of the cycle. I planned to nurse which further extends my ineligibility for medication / steroids, has anyone been through that and offer any advice or suggestions? I don't want to give up nursing or the care of my children while I'm on maternity leave because of these freaking headaches.. ** I have read and understand the idea behind Busting, personally I'm pro psychedelic mushroom but I was always afraid to mix it into a CH cycle, its great to find this group of people who were braver than I. I also haven't revisited this as an option because I'm often at work during CH and cannot use any even moderately debilitating relief options. Just looking some someone who may have got through what I'm walking into to offer some advice.
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