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  1. i was just watching the video. He talks about smoking having something to do with it. It does for sure. How do I know? Some of my clusters are triggered by the littlest bit of smoke. Some clusters, I feel one coming, have a cigarette and it goes away. So it has something to do with it, but, no rhyme no reason
  2. ive had cluster headaches for 25 years. No doc ever knew what it was. I was terrified getting a girlfriend because I thought she would think i was insane if I just stopped being social and stared at the wall moaning for 45 minutes. I went to explain it to her, and turns out her mother in law has the same thing. Thats how I found out what it was. It was such a relief to know i wasnt crazy. I hate that other people feel this pain, but i figured out what it was. I least I know now that I am not going to die when I have one. I always thought I would. You know what im talking about
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