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  1. Thank you! A little stressed about the MRI, but it is what it is. I will try another coffee this afternoon! Thanks!
  2. Thank you, @spiny! It's so random, my schedule is pretty regular. Wake up, gym (caffeine), eat, start to work and then between 12pm-2pm I get hit with a dull headache (2/10) that usually lasts 30minutes to an hour, then goes away. I haven't taken any sumatriptan or over the counters in a week, but I am still getting hit with a daily. Sometimes on top of head and then others to the right side. I am having an MRI on Monday and going back to Neurologist on Wednesday. It's just so annoying at this point. Like every day, here we go, a dull (but manageable) headache then pretty much nothing. Could be sinus? But the timing makes me think it has to do with my cluster cycle. Again, I haven't had a proper cluster headache in over three weeks and at this point have sworn off all meds. Thanks again. Love to all.
  3. One last question if anyone has feedback: I am now 10/10 cluster attack free for 3 weeks and 1 week without ingesting any sumatriptan. Still, every day between 12-3pm I get a dull headache that starts on top of my head and (sometimes) moves to my temple (sometimes pulse included). Is this just the cycle still rocking? Again, as stated above my past 2 cycles lasted three weeks, but this is now on week 6... Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  4. PS If this info helps anyone, I just realized a lot. My current cycle followed the EXACT pattern it did in 2020. It started on August 17th and ended September 1st. After reviewing my headache log, I realized this is the EXACT pattern I am in now (attack wise). They stopped on the same day. The only difference is this time I took A LOT of oral sumatriptan and since the 1st of September I have been getting dull, lingering 2/10 headaches, which makes me think the past two week headaches are the result of so much suma. Who knows, but hopefully this info helps... It is crazy how I've had 3 cycles, 2018, 2020, and 2022 and they all happened in the summer and the past 2 started and stopped on the same days (attack wise). Much love to all. PS I will be getting oxygen and Verapamil for next cycle.
  5. Thank you for the info! It is greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you, I think you're right about the headaches being "subtle hits" and earlier today I just let one rock instead of taking a .5 suma and I'm glad I did. Furthermore, that is the difference from this cycle vs past, I took an exorbitant amount of sumatriptan this cycle. So much that several times the pharmacist objected to my scripts and the doctor had to have a conversation with him to approve. My doctor thought it was going to be like the last, but it was much more persistent causing me to need a lot more suma. I will def be using oxygen for next cycle and thank you for the info about Verapamil and I will def consider the D3 regiment too! Taking caffeine for a hit didn't work, I tried it with a monster and it gave me one of my worst hits. Caffeine afterwards though def made my head feel better. Thank you again for all of the info!
  7. Hello, a little back history: I have had cycles in 2018, 2020 and 2022. This current cycle started on the exact date as it did in 2020 and I am under the care of my general MD and a neurologist. My 2018 and 2020 cycles lasted approx. 3 weeks. They started slow, ramped up (3/4 attacks per day) and then petered down and stopped for 2 years. Prednisone didn't work, so I've only been using oral sumatriptan (we are going to try Verapamil for next cycle) and some Advil and Tylenol. This current cycle has been different. We are now in week 5. The attacks stopped at the end of week 3 (like past cycles), but now I am still getting 1 to 2 dull headaches a day that seem to linger much longer than a true 10/10 hit. I'd imagine these are what many of you refer to as "shadows." They are also like clockwork, 12 hours in between. My doctors insist the cycle is ramping down, but it just seems to be morphing and not ending. Again the pain is 2/10 vs a 10/10 for proper attack, but it's still happening. If I take half of a sumatriptan (50mg) it knocks it out, but I am so over taking meds. Has anyone experienced a pattern like this and if so do you think it's better to just take the pain or is it better to knock them out with the .5 sumatriptan? Could the suma be prolonging this cycle? Thank you in advance for your insight and much love to all of you enduring these horrid headaches.
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