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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, I'm hoping to take part in this years #CureforCluster 5K (3.1miles) run/walk I'd like to run past (and take photos of!) popular landmarks in London like The Tower Of London, St Paul's Cathedral & Shakespeare's Globe, to try raise as much awareness as possible. Here is my route but I can deviate if y'all have any suggestion! Maybe go visit the Queen at Buckingham Palace haha. Hope to see you on the day Register Here: https://runsignup.com/Race/MI/StJoseph/DenverClusterHeadache5k
  2. Hello , I am female 37 years old that suffer from Cluster Headich since 5 years ago. I learned a lot and tried everything but never heard that someone stoped attacks forever , please if you know for that case , write how you did that or how that person succseded and how it is possible. My last pain attack started 24 th of February and last one was 3 days ago and maybe this cicle is finished and next come in June just like last year. knowing that it’s coming and how it will be , that is really so bad for quality of life. Everything stops , I can’t do nothing and just pray to God to give me strength to wait until 100 mg of imigran starts working and unfortunately make me like zombi all day . Sometimes , I wait even 40 minutes, and with all pain it’s like forever . I really want to find tretmant that will cure my C.H. forever , I can’t belive that all people who got this have it for all life , maybe someone break a circle forever , please write
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