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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Am new here and just wanted to ask some advice. Am only on my 3rd ever bout of CH so am nowhere near as bad as many of you on here- I admire how you cope with this. There are generally 3ish years between my episodes and seems to be no real trigger to them other than they have been around stressful times in my life. Most recently my mum died at the end of Feb and obviously the current situation we are in is stressful for us all. I should have noticed the warning signs coming but I didn’t and then bam! Been going for about 3 weeks now, on zomig spray when needed but am reluctant to take it too often as feel I should save it for the really bad ones! Don’t want to become immune to it! my question is what do you do in between CHs. At the moment I have shadows most of the time which I can cope with but are limiting me to what I can do. I feel like I sit all day waiting for one then dread going to bed as I know they will come again. Any suggestions on what you do to help you cope would be greatly received!
  2. Hello, this is my first post and as of now I'm not sure if I've ever had a cluster headache. I'm 20, male. I apologize if it's disrespectful in any way for me to post here, but talking to doctors is difficult and this is the best place to get expert opinions. For a few years now my left eye has always felt goofy. Sometimes a dull pain, 4-5/10 tops, develops behind it, but never lasts more than 30 seconds. occasionally, this pain is sharp, but only lasts a couple of seconds. Sometimes this eye pain leads to a light headache that I can always kill with ibuprofen. This week the feeling in my eye had been more consistent. I haven't risen above a 2/10 at any point, but I've consistently a feeling of slight pressure, or even tickling, behind, around, or to the sides of my eye. Occasionally the feeling moves to my temple. I haven't had anything like drooping eyelids or runny noses. But the eye does tear slightly when when these feelings are more present. I'm going to be honest, I've been scared of these headaches for years now, so part of this is confirmation, or being able to prepare and not being blind sided. My anxiety levels over the whole thing are quite high. I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with the pain people describe. Does this sound like the beginning for a lot of people, or are there things that get mistaken for clusters frequently? any replies are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. Hi everyone, I just found and joined the site. I will make a separate post describing my own CH experiences, but i'm on a phone and that would take too much effort for my thumbs. In the mean time, I want to ask you all if anyone has used the oxygen cans (e.g. Boost) that are marketed to hikers and athletes. They are 95%, 10 L per can for about $13.00 on Amazon. Would that be comparable to the official prescribed oxygen? I am hoping this might work for me in lieu of re-entering the medical/industrial complex... Thanks Rory
  4. Hi fellow fighters, I‘m Sunil and I‘m 29 years old from India and currently living in Berlin, Germany . I guess the beast has finally taken hold of me. My CHS started in the first week of Jul 18 and have gotten worse since then. I‘m scared of going to sleep, anticipating the beast will hit me. I’m going through one as I write this post. I feel like jumping out of my window to end this madness. I am a long way from home and miss my family a lot now. But reading the forum, gives me the hope that I will be able to beat this. I went to the doctor and she prescribed be Sumatriptan but just two tablets. My next appointment is in 3 weeks( that’s how it works in Germany). I absolutely miss my life and I believe once I’m done with this episode I will start to appreciate the simple things in my life and lead a healthy lifestyle. Btw, since I ran out of tablets, I started drinking redbull whenever I have an attack. I think it‘s definitely helping. I wish everyone the strength to fight this devil. Stay strong!! I will keep you posted. Sunil
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