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Found 1 result

  1. I would like to a acknowledge everyone who is suffering in pain, I pray that my Son or anyone else here will not go through the hell I went through just to write about it. I'll tell you it's going to be about a pity party like no other. However, at the end I found my cure and I hope you find yours. I was 22 when I was hit with a headache that didn't want to leave. Thank God, I had great insurance. I saw at least 3 ENT's - Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, a Couple of Neurosurgeons, a couple of Chiropractors, an acupuncturist, some gentleman who put a hot iron on my head... believe me when I had displaced pain it helped at times, long story short, I was finally diagnosed with what is referred to as Cluster Headaches, for which I was told that there was no cure. By this time, I had knocked my self- out, used a towel with a hot iron on my forehead several times, using a towel not to burn the skin to much. These headaches have a Nic name, there called Suicide Headaches. I can believe why, one day I went to the beach to try to burn out my left eye with the Sun... I told you this was about a pity party. I can go on and on about this pain, but I wish not to bore you. I recently watched Kung Fu Hustle, I strongly recommended it. What I got out of it, is sometimes we're put in an extremely bad situations to learn life's lesson, my opinion of course. I danced with the Devil for close to 8 years. My redemption came with a young lady named Ani, she knew of my headaches and had me listen to a meditation tape. OK, please stay with me. When your in God awful pain you'll try anything. I listened to this tape and to put it simply, it opened another door, I knew, no one on the outside was going to help me, so I figured I'll cure myself.. Here forward, please keep an open mind, it worked for me and I'm just sharing my experience. I'm terrified for anyone who experienced this kind of pain and agony. So, I regress. My cure was heaven sent for sure. Although, I cursed a lot I kept the faith, sometimes it was less then a grain of rice, but it was there. How I cured my self with God's help. I started meditating every hour I could, and what I mean by meditation may differ from others definition on meditation. For me, I would spend almost every moment of everyday concentrating on my hand and fingers, after a while I could feel the blood flow being pushed into my hands and fingers. I actually got a security job so I definitely had time to do so. After a while, I realized I could control my blood flow to each of my fingers at will, this took some time, but believe me, well for me it was like winning the lottery 1000 fold. I woke up one morning with one of the worst migraines of my long line of episodes. I was done, I told God I was done. Then something phenomenal happened. I had my hand near my head and I felt what can only be explained or felt a small spark. I thought to myself, could this be it. I pushed the blood to my hand, held it over my forehead. On my way to work that morning I felt what I can only explain as a vein vibrating or a small popping sensation down the left side of my nose. The Beast had left the building. I'm 54 now, still Cluster free. Thank you GOD
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