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Not a Newbie old site Samiam, question?


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Good Day, 

I've had clusters since I was 17. In 2011 was my last cycle which is down to 8 weeks from 4 months prior to hospital stay and DHE45 treatment when I was 27. Since 2011 I have followed "Batch's" regiment and have done quite well being in remission with minor shadows that required steroids to stop a cycle.  My question is on the old site I keep DMs for years (Samiam) and also info but I'm unable to sign into the site since I'm now within the last week getting heavy shadows and was trying to remember what I did.  The only thing I can think might of started this was starting collagen peptide 40 days ago.  Has anyone have had this happened to them? I'm 62 female t2 diabetic controlled with Mounjaro since 10/22. My D3 is around 75 consistently and I just up it to 10000 units today day 3 of steroids of 6 days. Can I get into that site again?

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