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solutions, at least for me: response to "The many marvels of the mysterious mushroom"


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Dear Sue,


This is a response to your comment on the The many marvels of the mysterious mushroom page of the Science Matters portion of the David Suzuki Foundation WEB site.

I'm posting this as I feel that your comment was off topic, however, you provided the URL to this site.

I was diagnosed with cluster headaches some 40 years ago. I immediately went to the local university medical library to research migraines in general and cluster headaches in particular.


Needless to say, I found NOTHING!

So, I started experimenting on my own. I found several things.

  1. ANYTHING that was reported, by sufferers, to trigger migraines, triggered my cluster headaches.

    (I actually had a headache that lasted 3 months!)
  2. However, this was NOT true all the time.
  3. I ultimately found that:
    1. exposure to bright light (anything bright enough to cast a shadow), and / or
    2. eating poorly, and / or
    3. sleeping poorly

all, cumulatively, increased the possibility that the usual culprits might trigger a cluster headache.


Since then:

  1. I ALWAYS wear the darkest sunglasses I can find.

    (Originally they were glasses that transmitted 14% visible light, when these were no longer available and my personal stock was depleting, I replaced them with glacier glasses that transmitted 4.7% visible light.)

    (WARNING: glacier glasses are NOT FOR ROAD USE. I can get away with them now because I've worn glasses that transmitted 14% visible light, consistently for the 34 years before I switched, so for me 14% visible light was normal.)
  2. I see to it that I maintain have a well balanced diet, to ensure I get all the nutrients I need.

    (Even when I can't eat properly, for any reason, this was taken care of by taking the best multi-vitamin I could find, I've now upgraded to a multi-nutrient.)
  3. I also see to it that I always have a good night's sleep.

    (Even if that means intentionally sleeping in.)

I have not had a headache in some 30 years, and counting.solutions, at least for me

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