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Cluster headache programmer, marketing or other specialist

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Hi, I hope some people are following my development. Like explained in other threads, we are trying to build an online platform to connect patients, specialist and research using time based data collected by the patients to find better solutions and treatments.
To collect the data we have build an app that can be used to register symptoms, medicine use or anything else you do as a patient to feel better. The vitamin D regime is one of them, MM an other.

We are looking for help

  1. We are looking for a programmer to join our team. We need to make a better timeline and we need to make an option to compare our data with each other so we could better learn from other patients experiences. But thats just the beginning
  2. We need a person with knowledge of marketing, knowing how to attract more users to the app so we have more data to compare
  3. We need investors that like to bring power to the people. RegisterYourJourney is building this platform for us patients so we should have the full benefit of it instead of any multinational. That doesn't mean its illegal to earn money to support the people that help building up this project
  4. Security is a very important issue and we can use all the help possible.

All we do will go using the "Slicing Pie" system to work together so everybody will have a fair share of the pie.

Just send me an email or add a message

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