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Career with CH

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Hello.   I have had clusters for about 20 years.  I always felt lucky that they always showed up 2 years apart.  Just got through my last cycle which lasted 4 months. This round was particularly brutal.  I always had two questions about others with CH.


1.  What do people do for a living.   I’ve been in corporate world but finding it difficult to continue. 


2. Where do CH sufferers live.  I always had a feeling climate played a role.   Would consistent hot or cold weather help.  I live where there are 4 distinct seasons.  


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I’m in Australia, summertime is the worst, that’s when my full blown attacks happen, autumn (The following month after summer) I usually get medium to heavy shadows daily until winter (The next season) when the shadows start to die down, I’d say winter is the best part of the year for me, in terms of your career, I’m only half way through university and I’m struggling to maintain my studies.

(if you’ve already used the treatments I mentioned, sorry, I know it’s annoying when people suggest treatments you’ve already tried)

D3 Regimen is a highly effective treatment, is taken on a daily basis all year round

An extra layer of protection would be Pyschelics, I’m going to assume that your job if it does drug testing won’t test for anything close to sophisticated enough to detect shrooms, that’s the case for most, me on the other hand, that might be problematic for me as I’m hoping to join the Australian military police corps in the army...so, lucky me, Magic Mushrooms,LSD and seeds are highly effective. You could potentially go years or months without a ch whilst dosing with it, (I’m no expert on d3 or Psycheldics) I think Dallas Denny is a good source for psychedelics info, and Batch is the creator of the d3 regimen so I would speak to him

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