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Emgality ?


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I have been in remission for 6 years.  Started again on October 18.  I took the first dose of Emality on November 7th.  Two days no improvement, then five days pain free.  He (The Demon) came back.  I had to wait till December 7th for the next dose of 300mg.  Two days later the pain left.  Three weeks later he was back with an attitude.  I did not take the dose on January 7th because I am concerned that the drug is only postponing my cycle.  I have an appointment with the headache clinic at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in two days.  All my other cycles have lasted 6-8 weeks and every 2-3 years until this one.  This has been three months.  I am having 8 attacks a day.  Busting with .1-.2 mg of sumatriptan and O2.  When I inject, the pain doubles and then about 15 minutes it turns off like a light switch.  I hope they have some answers.  I will take the Emality again is they say so.  I am about had all I can take.

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