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    Red bull, then O2 ???

    Hi, So sorry your daughter has clusters. I keep a sugar free can of red bull next to my bed, when i wake with the slighted twinge i neck the whole tin and then get on the O2, I am so exhusted after an attack i go right back to sleep (hence the sugar free so i do not have to worry about the sugar on my teeth!) in 16 years I have found this the best combo. good luck
  2. Anne-Marie

    Servere Non Cluster headache

    Hi Bejeeber, Off to Neuro tomorrow so will post what advise i get.... Thanks for replying x
  3. Anne-Marie

    Servere Non Cluster headache

    Hi, Been a while since I have been around, lots of life changes and Clusters under control. Meds of choice busting and O2 and redbull. 6 months ago I stared to take Citalopram and amazingly skipped my spring season so thought I had found the 'magic' pill for me. Have just come back from a 'holiday' in Croatia where I spent 5 days with a severe (yes I have clusters so know all about pain;) headache, I finally spent 8 hours at the hospital trying to explain that it was not clusters or a migraine or a TIA (had one of those 20 years ago) they gave me a CT scan which showed no bleed or tumor and so I got on a plane and just got home. The pain is always there like a vice around my whole head and across my eyes and forehead (moving my eyes hurts) every so often it kicks off big time with massive spasms behind my left eye (same eye as cluster) that hurt like hell!!!! I have been throwing Ibruprofen, paraceatamol and codine at it and that does help but wears off. I am also unable to eat, feel sick (bonus was i LOST 6 pounds on holiday...) and just want to lie still all the time. I have called the emergency Dr here and he spoke to a neurologist who wanted to put me straight on Prednisone aaaaaarrrrrrrhhhhhh I have been telling everone all along IT IS NOT A CLUSTER ( and even if it was i would not take that bl**dy stuff!!!! ) I have been researching stuff myself, is it swelling of the veins in my head? a virus? and unruptured aneurysm? Any ideas people before i face the Neuro, I know people here know more than most!!! Many thanks for reading and once i get this licked i promise to keep my Citalopram experiences updated. AM xxx