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  1. Bonkers, I would just hate to see any of us make a mistake and end up in the grey bar motel.. Its hard enough dealing with the beast in a comfortable environment much less some where we don't want to be... and any official with in the law are swore to up hold it so I would be worried saying something and the wrong person getting wind of it.. gotta look out for that Dudley Do Right or Barny 5...lol It just sounded like people are talking to freely about it to other's they don't know and I hate seeing bad things happen to good people like all of us.. Its just a concern and in no way say
  2. what is it that needs to be translated Carole? just curious
  3. would love for you all to read this, even has an audio if you just want to sit back and listen. Hope for Headaches: A Conversation with Headache Expert Peter Goadsby I am also going to post it in "what causes these" thread http://www.ucsf.edu/science-cafe/conversations/hope-for-headaches-a-conversation... Darrin Texas Cluster
  4. would love for you all to read this, even has an audio if you just want to sit back and listen. Hope for Headaches: A Conversation with Headache Expert Peter Goadsby I am also going to post it in "what causes these" thread http://www.ucsf.edu/science-cafe/conversations/hope-for-headaches-a-conversation-with-headache-expert-peter-goadsby
  5. we all have bad CH's, I mean Karma, you're not alone birdman. ;D Is this helping anyone? if so I would like to keep this thread from falling to far down the list. Darrin Texas Cluster
  6. Back to topic on this thread..I agree with showing uninformed people, friends and family by showing them the link to the YouTube of clusterchuck, but you know what...when I am there and watching it with them..I last about 2 minutes and start crying (40yo and cries like a baby) then get up and walk away..as I do..they ask if I am getting one now..I tell them no, its so hard to watch someone go through it when you feel and know exactly what they go through. my wife took a video of me and I didn't even know it..seeing it makes me crash, its hard to see someone go through pain when you fully un
  7. someone correct me if I am wrong, but I remember learning that zomig was okay to use, its the verapamil he should detox from.. the verapamil made my clusters worse in numbers and in severity..I had to detox from it just cause of that,and the ergotomine but then Dr's put me on Lyrica after that while I was here learning about busting and I detoxed that fast...don't think I even took it but 10 to 15 days..then went straight to busting and PF now for the most part..shadows are showing now.. but if I remember correctly zomig was alright, the nasal 5mg one shot nasal spray..if we learn its alr
  8. why didn't anyone reply with "where in the @#$^# is the coupon?..lol I feel like a moron for posting that thread and not even leaving the link to the coupon..lol sorry and here it is... http://www.zomig.com/zomig-coupon.aspx   Darrin Texas Cluster
  9. Hey yury66, bust in all you want..that's what we do here..lol welcome to the family of friends always sorry to see of new sufferers but glad you found us your in the right place. yes they are available on line and a few links to the sites are found here, I got mine from http://psychoactiveherbs.com and were all viable so far, 400 for $49 and it was a fast easy process,they knocked them down and I am having some great days now and I am also a chronic sufferer. I hope this helps and feel free to pm any of us or ask in a thread like you did..someone here will see it, no matter where you
  10. that was from my thread, so I posted it here thinking you would see it faster..lol Carole please dont be scared, look I have been chronic for three years my life has been destroyed nothing is the same this beast has beat me down so bad that I was scared to leave the house.. now lets not sit and wait for it to run it's course, learn more about busting, get your feet wet and try it. I would really hate to see you end up the way I did by ending up chronic with out knowing if RC's could have helped prevent it..but I hear way to many stories of how it knocks out cycles..keep the seeds on hand
  11. I couldn't find the thread I left my zomig post on so I will just start another..lol now I have used this and it has saved me some cash..its $35 off I have been lucky that with my insurance my cost is $35 so its been free for me and it can be used once a month for 6 months. hope this helps all those that use the zomig   Darrin Texas Cluster
  12. bet it would be nice to have fame but at the same time I would be worried how word is getting around and who is learning this..I know that most people understand why we do it but I would hate to see anyone get in trouble cause of youngsters chatting about what we do. :-X Maybe I should of asked where all this is happening before expressing my concerns, I know some places it's legal to grow a certain amount.. Â Â Darrin Texas Cluster
  13. I was talking to a neighbor one day and he had a friend over and both were drinking (explain a cluster to a drunk) my neighbor who understands and knows about the RC's asked me how I was doing with my headaches and his buddy popped off you get headaches too?..I told him I get head pain that is called cluster headaches. he says to me "Dude I can help" with that said I had hopes this guy knew something I didn't (like finding clusterbsters) he went on saying how his headaches just kill him (now I am thinking he is a sufferer also) never knew anyone in person that had them and thought for a m
  14. He was my favorite on that show and I hated to see that happen to such a good man. And that was a great "last catch" of a show. my thoughts and prayers for him and his family                 [smiley=engel017.gif]Hats off for Captain Phil Harris [smiley=engel017.gif]   Darrin Texas Cluster
  15. what I have read on your plan of action seems to be on target Carole my first dose I used 10 seeds, I was scared just like you, but I am here to tell you that you have nothing to fear..the worse for me was the emotional and exhaustion I had the day after the first 2 doses but compared to the attacks, its a walk in the park... I now know that 30 or more is the way to do it..never tripped kinda felt like I wanted to talk allot to someone..lol.. so try and have a friend on hand or maybe the mother and daughter night of chit chat..lol Just be prepared for post dose attacks, I at first thoug
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