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  1. Cake lady, Wishing you well. All I know is that after having these for 30years the rc seeds have made this quite a short cycle. They came back after 6 years on June 27th, I found this forum July 5 and began busting the following week and it's working. I haven't had a full blown ch for weeks. Pain free thoughts and prayers, Carole
  2. Thank Bob!!!!! Endless thanks to the entire Cluster Buster family. I cried hard when I found this site. :'( I had borrowed money to go to a doc and get 02. I got it at like 5:30 in the evening the Friday before the 4th. I was 2 weeks into my cycle and getting hit with 8,9,10s. By 2a.m Saturday the tank was empty and the medical supply place closed for the weekend. I found this wonderful place and read somewhere that I could go to the fire station for help. They filled my tank and I rationed until Tuesday. This site has brought me relief, knowledge and understanding. Clusterbuster
  3. Carole


    BF, I'm glad your here and sorry you have to be The RC seeds are great!! I have taken them 3 times and only had 1 bad night out of the last 13. Sleeping and going to work (not looking like I'm coming off an all night drunk) 8-) Ask questions, vent, tell your story. This is a wonderful site full of great information and the comfort and support of others who know your pain and are willing to help. Pain Free wishes and prayers, Carole PS oxygen works great to abort CH I use it and am a smoker
  4. Sweetwilliam Just wanted to welcome you and your s/o to the site. As I'm sure you've recognized already, there is a lot of fantastic people and information. I'm sure she will find comfort here. Not too many out there that really get what we go through. Glad to hear you are getting her some 02 and a good mask. Keep us updated Pain free wishes and prayers, Carole
  5. Hey Jeff, Hope you haven't had any more hits. Just an FYI I think the reason my regulator was leaking I put pipe tape on it and I think maybe too much???? The guy today said not to do that it could cause combustion. Sux cause I put it on the previous 2 tanks. Now today I can't get the damn thing tight enough...anyway. Glad you are working hard at getting 02 I think you will find it a life saver [smiley=engel017.gif] Carole
  6. Gaius, Welcome. You are in the right place. I am episodic 30 years now. Without this forum I would not have made it. Everyone here knows what you are going through and they are happy to help in every way. I am currently busting with RC seeds, today my 3rd dose. It works!!! I can sleep....YEAH and am not having 8 9 10s. Some like the other alternative but this seems to block the bastards pretty good. Have to have 02, this site and a busting plan. Read, breath and ask questions. We will all be here for you Hang in there. Pain Free wishes and prayers, Carole
  7. Floyd Darkside of the Moon definitely!!!!!! Best of luck, Carole
  8. FTB, Sorry you have to be here and also grateful that you are. There is so much information and support...read read read. I too am episodic and I do believe my cycle is almost over and it hasn't been quite a month. I hadn't had a CH in 6 years. Oxygen is a must for aborting these nasty things. CB is about care concern support and alternatives. I happen to try an alternative and it is working well. RC seeds. A lot to explain. Read ask question and don't be afraid to let it all out here. Everyone is great. Take care Carole
  9. Agreed Pm me when you can and let me know how your doing. Carole
  10. Carole

    New Member

    Hi Dave, Welcome. I am from Colorado as well and new to the site. Where abouts are you? I am 3 weeks into a cycle..haven't had to deal with these bastard headaches in a long time. The people here are great! Don't know if I'd have made it without them. It is a great comfort to have people who know your pain. I think 02 is a must. This site is full of information. I just started using RC seeds to try and (bust) break my cycle. I have a post on Busting called episodic bust where I have began to journal my experience. Agent Orange and other have their experiences there as well. A lot of great in
  11. Nice Jr. Can you translate that into english ;D
  12. Thank You Jay your an angel. [smiley=engel017.gif] I do believe I have enough
  13. Welcome yury66, Your in the best place you can be as ch sufferer. These people are all wonderful!! I am getting ready to bust with rc seeds on Friday I intend to journal my experience here on cb. Thanks everyone for your reassurance. I am ready to prepare seeds tomorrow have plenty of 02 and support. Stay tuned for "Episodic Bust" on the busting thread.
  14. Thank you all for the feedback and support. I still plan on dosing Friday night. I think I will start with 30. More on that come Thursday I will start a thread on busting. Yes I am scared..I am scared of those 8,9,10s..however I do have plenty of 02...........just don't want to go through it. Guess I will have to..to get to the other side. Rough night....tired PF thoughts and prayers for all
  15. Lucidity, No need for an apology No offense taken I just found it humorous how you and other were responding to one and other. I welcome all comment, conversation and suggestions Thanks Carole
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