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  1. Good point AO, glad I saw a lol on that post. I don't know about records, but I think the Hippocratic oath doctors take would not allow her to discuss-I hope and I think I'll just discuss with her the findings I read about the increase in BP in tests. I hope she's open minded, if not what are the LSA(seeds) going to do to BP , if you have any info on that.
  2. Thanks AO, Great link, I'll save it. Still think I better discuss this with my doctor, she seemed to be OK when I discussed possibly using Alternative treatments. By the way, on a lighter note, you've posted on my links a couple times, and on your mood icon it says "aggravated". Is that cuz your a Leafs fan? Go Av's...just kiddin if your not doing well I apologize. Got to try to keep a sense of humor.
  3. Thanks EZ, You might have something there with the marijuana, seems I was diagnosed with High blood pressure after i stopped smoking about 9 years ago. being from Colorado, their giving out "Cards" for pot without even seeing a real doctor. i bet if i told them i had Clusters they would write me a script. But there's still this Grey area, it's legal to smoke and grow it with the pass, but the company I work for still tests for it. Don't want to find out the hard way if they approve or not...but thanks for the links. By the way, does anybody know how long mushrooms stay in your system?
  4. Hello friends, I've decided I've had enough of the meds and loss of sleep, 2-4 episodes a night now. I thought i had outsmarted the demon by giving up drinking. Turns out I just avoided the 8:00pm hit. So it seems I'm in full cycle right now, and this is getting worse instead of better. The meds don't help thank God I got the 02 script it works pretty quickly 10 to 15 minutes now to abort. I have a relative in the state who has found mushrooms, just got to get to him before he eats them all... Read all the faq's and advice in the files, think I'm confident on what to start with. A
  5. Thanks to everyone with 02 information, I'm going to get the best mask for me, through the doc or cluster busters. I was reading past posts on Apria, sounds like a few people are not happy with the big companies. I'm in the construction world and have a few welding/fabricator shops I deal with and have good friends there. I've seen that "welders" 02 is better? Do I just take the Apria tanks to them to have them refilled at their shops, or do they send them in to somewhere else. Does apri get wind of this and want their equipment back?
  6. Got to be alcohol, just stopped drinking 4 days ago, haven't been hit for 4 days...yeah! used to drink about 4 fingers of bourbon a night even after reading a lot of people here said alcohol was a trigger, didn't want to believe, more like didn't want to give it up but it's working. And i was in the middle of a bad cycle. But i do want to know where to find chocolate covered bacon..yum
  7. Hi Tingeling, I take Etodolac an anti- inflammatory and butabital a caffine w/acetaminophen. Got those once I got off the oxycodone.
  8. Welcome Weatherguy, Your in the right place, there's lots of people here with great advice and stories. I can't believe that story exactly mirrors mine. Couple years ago started to get allergies from out of nowhere, then started getting random disabling headaches for a couple days at a time now it's worked its way up to 4-5 nights a week of knock me down attacks. I'm just a newbee here ,but reading the advice and logs from the long termers here is helpful. The energy drinks work for a quick relief, ice packs, and what I've been prescribed Etodalac(anti Inflammatory) and Butalbital(C
  9. Hello Friends, I just recieved my perscription for 02, been using it w/ the just the Nose Tube, I see and hear the masks are the better choice. But i have found when I use the 02 I get immidiate relief...Yeah. But after that i have seen my attacks become more frequent 2-3 a night, where before if I took my meds, an ice pack and used my CPAP I would get relief and not suffer any attacks later that evening. Is this just my suffering more Eposodic attacks, or does 02 have something to do with this? Bottom Line, is 02 right for everyone?
  10. Dave O

    CH song

    God that song hits home, everytime I feel one coming I think of SlipKnot and that 1st verse.
  11. Dave O

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    Hey Dan, thanks for the info. It does go to 15 on my "M-Tank" but i've read from alot of sites her, people are using Masks. My doc, after she lost my order for O2, sent the Appria lady over to hook me up with just the tube that goes in my nose. She was scared she didn't want me to get over a 98 on my O2 level. I asked her if she had any CH experince and she looked like a deer in the headlights. Should I find a mask???
  12. Dave O

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    Hey Leslie, Cassidy is one of the new and improved Olson twins. She's even more beautiful than the song. Butalbital is an acei mediphin and caffeine tab from Qualitest. they seem to work pretty well. Tried to log on and send this message last night, but as usual I'm having computer issues,. So if this comes across twice... I'm sorrry Got my Huge O2 tanks, man these are great. When I feel one coming on I set it to 8 and relax and all's well. I'll be checking in more often, thanks for the response.
  13. Dave O

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    I'm back thank goodness, my computer picked up a Anti-Virus ..Virus. Everyone beware. Since I last logged on I went to my Doc and she prescribed me O2...Yea, I'm waiting for her nurse to call and confirm which mask I'm getting and the tanks they are suppling. Also got connections with some steel fabricators. In the intrim, I've found a source for shrooms and i'm going to store them till I detox. Tried to cach up and read all the notes from new and old members. I'm in a cycle now, and I am able to control with the meds and caffine, there not too bad, don't know how the kip scale works. But ever
  14. Dave O


    Hey Bigfoot I'm not experienced enough to offer any advice like the other members, but find what works for you and don't give up!! If your a carpenter, got to know someone working with O2. Load up the caffeine it seems to works for me, till you can find some long term solutions. Wishing you the best, and some relief!!
  15. Dave O

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    Hey DD thanks for the tips, sounds good. I can come up with the stuff you suggested.Might be like a squirrel and stock up for winter. Had a bad night last night, didn't take my meds and woke up @ 4:oo with a slammer. I know I'm not chronic but I use "preventive " meds and sleep OK, and can get thru the day. I read a lot of the other cases and feel so bad for the people who are dealing with this everyday...Wish you all the BEST. Feel kinda bad getting all the help and responses from everyone when I'm only sporadic, but I know when I' get in the middle of of a full blown CH cycle I will be ready
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