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  1. It was another amazing Conference. Inspiration levels are again boosted to the ceiling. I'd have to take away an incredible chat with "Batch", to get me going on the D3 and extra push on the exhaling techniques for O2. Mixing-up preventatives also seems like a great way to go. Can't wait to see what my doctor has to say now! weatherman
  2. We will be attending. I have two questions .......... 1) Is there a "Group Code" to use when reserving the hotel rooms? Should I call the hotel and hope they know about Clusterbusters? 2) Will O2 be available to store (and use) in our rooms, just during the conference? I know O2 has been provided in the past at the conference room site, for use while the lectures/presentations are taking place. There is typically O2 available (at off-hours) in someones room also. I typically get hit in the middle of the night and having it close by would sure be nice. My O2 provider at home (Ap
  3. didgens, Sorry to hear about discovering "barometric pressure changes" are such a trigger for your son. Most of our triggers are avoidable; alcohol, certain foods, sleep patterns, etc, but there's no escaping Mom Nature. Since moving or using a pressure chamber are impossible ideas, how about trying to record and track exactly how much of a pressure change is responsible for the setting-off a CH attack? A highly accurate marine-grade barometer could not only give you the atmospheric pressure, but chart the history and have alarms that you could personalize for CH thresholds. Most o
  4. jms, Firstly, let me congratulate you for being a supporter. You are NOT a broken record and are NOT alone. Many CH sufferers have lost relationships because spouses and/or family members do not understand, cope well or take the time to learn how agonizing this condition is. It takes a very strong person to watch another suffer these attacks .... I can't watch it myself and certainly can't imagine seeing it happen to a loved one. Just having someone to care is HUGE in assisting your son deal with his predicament. We can all relate to the benefits of nurturing family, and tell awful st
  5. Hey DH, Any idea what started your cycle in December? I'm at the "trying to figure out new cycles" thing too, and have not come up with any solutions. Just the nature of the Beast, I guess. Also, what type of Triptans were you taking. There's some new one's that are giving may success (thinking 5-MeO-Dalt). Good luck with the current situation. Many of us also get the autonomic symptoms without pain. It's kinda bizzare, but sure beats the crap outta the usual painful outcomes. weatherman
  6. Hi Pete, What's currently working best for me..... Using a mouth tube (instead of mask) set at 15 lpm. Alternate deep breaths as the bag competely fills with gulps of ice water. I also try to exhale completely and hold the O2 in for a bit. weatherman
  7. DDD, Send it to California. We're starting mandatory 30% rationing next week with a boat-load of restrictions on top of that. I'll trade my bucket in the shower for a full lake any time. THMD, That's because PNAC can't adjust their agenda outside of manipulating foreign policy. We'd have "War on Water" broadcast by media and politicians if there was any money in it. Gotta agree though, a pipeline would work. And if it leaked...... At least the dry weather is keeping my CH at bay!!! YAYE !!! weatherman 8-)
  8. Hey ToniEvo, Yup, same thing happened to me with the Verapamil. I quit that drug and was prescribed Lithium after that. WHOA, welcome to the "Land of Side Effects". Quit that stuff immediately! Thanks Doc! Imitrex at 3mg doses has worked very well in the 3-4 times I've tried it. None of that unwanted baggage at all. Pain gone in 5-8 minutes too. Really hated the sensation of hot chemicals scampering through your blood stream with the 6 mg shots. It's got to feel like Chemo Therapy, you just get the overall aura of something really nasty and hot overtaking your gut. I adap
  9. Moxie, Wonderful bit of prose there. You really grab the essence of the CH experience. It's actually scary to read .... just as it should be. I kinda like the first draft too. Will definitely share this one. weatherman 8-)
  10. Always liked Accuweather's migraine headache maps. What info do they use for that graphic ...... and is it really useful to migraine headache sufferers? Lots of forecast goods for migraine people. A favorite is the Migraine Monologues... http://www.migrainemonologues.com/2012/10/a-migraine-weather-forecast.html Phone Aps, Alerts and lots of other products to attempt prediction for these headaches. If they work for you .... GREAT, but I doubt their practicality. I'm still a big fan of the idea that there are primary and secondary triggers, and that usually more than one has to occ
  11. didgens... Yup, that afternoon nap (always on a day off) is a trigger, except it was the K7-8 that woke me up. I could never wake it in time to abort with O2 quickly. It is weird that occasionally the onset of CH is very slow. I can stop it with cold water chugging or activity. Especially with a difficult conscious exercise, like solving a problem or increasing mental liveliness with stress. CH is so mysterious. Heat wave in Calif? Yessiree, it's coming. 10-15 deg F warmer than today. Dry offshore flow too, and that means the allergies will be ramping up also. Carry O2 in
  12. spiny, The connection between dreaming and CH should be THOROUGHLY studied. Good information (although listed as purely hypothetical and based on conjecture) is this article; https://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/yabbfiles/Attachments/CH__Dreaming___Neurogenesis.pdf I started vivid dreaming at the onset of CH, about 5 years ago. The memory and intensity of "the dream experience" seemed to become more noticeable and increase as CH became part of me. Right handed Left side CH, chronic with no head injuries No probable connection for me between dreams and onset of "high" cycle times
  13. DD, That was GREAT post, remember it well. The Bomba Shack is the bomb! All I can say is Road Trip! weatherman 8-)
  14. Hey didgens ..... As usual, another great topic that's got me further wondering, as I am also barometrically challenged. Pressure drops are definitely a trigger for a lot of us, with flying, mountain traveling and storms passing that bring on the pain. I get shadows while driving, and that's a really small drop in pressure. Head to the hills or take off in an airplane almost guarantees the Beast will visit. I wonder, since heat can also be a trigger for me (very warm days and sometimes with too many covers on the bed at night), I can quickly get some comfort by stepping outside or dr
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