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  1. Jeff_007

    Do I have a cluster headache?

    Yea most likely if it is CH, its gone before the Ibuprofen kicks in.
  2. Jeff_007

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Thanks Rod. Thought I should be good but just making sure.
  3. Jeff_007

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Oh, one more question that I couldnt really find the answer to online. What about my regulator? Been sitting too collecting dust. Should I buy a new one of those as well?
  4. Jeff_007

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Thanks for the info all. I did do some research online as well but wanted some of the opinions of others who have experience.
  5. Jeff_007

    Cleaning O2 Mask and hose

    Well, well... I'm BAAAAAACCCKKKK! Its been 5 years since I last busted (longest remission yet) and my CH returned about 2 weeks ago.. along with others I see. I have a question regarding how to properly clean an O2 mask. I haven't used it in 5 years and its really dusty.... Is there a certain way to clean it properly so I dont get some brain eating amoeba? LOL! Or should I just buy a new one to be safe?
  6. Jeff_007

    Really.... Really cold drinks

    Moxie, Wierd that you mention the brain freeze because that is always how I describe a cluster to someone. They ask what it feels like, and I dont think the poker in the eye (at least for me) is the best analogy. But, I tell them that it feels like an intense 20 minute brain freeze. That seems to hit a nerve (no pun ;D ) for them as everyone know what that feels like. Just my 2 pennies....
  7. Jeff_007

    It's not a competition you know!

    Tyke, I think we have all been through this. I dont know how many times that I have tried to tell people about my CH, only to hear them go into how bad their migraines are. Now, I usually cut them off with a little snicker and say somthing like, "oh, these are way worse than migraines". They usually look at me like, "well, that cannot be!" So I now just say, "go look it up and then tell me about your migraines". I usually say this in a demeaning way to get them to try to prove me wrong, only for them to come back with this sorry look on their face and then say something like, "OMG you have that?" Unfortunatly this condition is so rare, that nobody has even heard about it and they just assume that CH is having a cluster of "regular headaches". I quit trying to explain it to people, and just usually tell them to come talk to me when they have looked it up and done some research. That is why places like this are so powerful to a clusterhead. To just be able to have 1 person say that they can relate to you is the most satisfying thing to me. I think I was in tears when I finally spoke to a fellow cluster head. :'(
  8. Jeff_007

    Newbie so please be patient with me

    Welcome home Tyke! You are right about PF meaning pain free. Also, that question about the beer test was also on my mind. Boy do I love my suds, but wouldnt even dare to smell it while I'm in cycle. I am currently trying to bust with RC and am taking my second dose tonight, but was hoping to have a beer once I'm PF for a few days, although it looks like I will be waiting longer after Spiny's comments. Sure dont want to invite the beast back to the house just for a cocktail. Stay strong and keep us updated on your bust. Good luck!
  9. Jeff_007

    NatGeo Explorer - Cluster Headaches

    Inside LSD will air again on Sept 21
  10. Jeff_007

    New here - My Hubby's story

    Also, I would have him lay off the beer until more improvement is made. Even though it doesnt trigger for him, it could be hindering the bust. I found when I was just out of my cycle, beer would bring back shadows and sometimes a lower level HA for the next 2-3 days. Hope those K10's come back down >..Sending good vibes your way. Jeff
  11. Jeff_007

    New here - My Hubby's story

    Angel, Have you guys been increasing each dose? Maybe comming back down on the dose might help to shake it up and decrease the post dose hits. :-/
  12. Jeff_007

    Meds not working..Going to try to bust!!

    Hey all, Just a little update from me. I believe my cycle is coming to an end. I am finally off the Topomax and have completely detoxed. My HA's have been gone for over a week now. I only have a few shadows here and there. I tried the beer test last weekend and had some increased activity the next day, but only shadows and nothing higher than a 1-2. I'm staying away from the beer as long as possible until I'm confident that its gone. I do feel great though after detoxing. Man what a difference to be off that stuff. I'm like a whole new person. I have had my shrooms sitting in the freezer waiting for me to detox, but I might hold off for now so that I have doses for the next round. If my shadows persist, I think I will take a small dose to kick the beast in the balls and stop the shadows. Thanks to all who helped me through the process of detoxing and getting O2. You are all angels in my book. If I do dose, I'll post my progress, otherwise it going to be used for maintenance. Thanks again and PF wishes to everyone! Jeff
  13. Jeff_007

    Starting Topamax tonight

    Hi CrossT, I was on Topomax for the past 3 years. I get a cycle every spring so I would start it at the first sign of a shadow. This summer, it stopped working for me. I even believe that it made the CH worse once they finally broke through it. Its not something anyone wants to take in my opinion. I was very disoriented all the time. No concentration whats so ever. I couldnt even give my daughter a bath as I would walk away and forget she was in there. NOT GOOD!! No appetite either and no sex drive. (Sorry guys, had to throw that in) I recommend holding off on this as long as possible and try some other methods stated on this site. Good luck! Jeff
  14. Jeff_007


    Happy bday CMOM!! PF wishes to you ;D
  15. Jeff_007

    Am I going chronic?

    Thanks guys, I agree I'm just probly overreacting to the fluctuations. I cant wait until I'm done with it either. I'm noticing that my concentration is much better now. I was at 100mg as my doc doubled my dose to see if it would help. Now I'm finally down to 25 a day and a few more days and I'm done. Still having a few hits here and there, about 3 in the past two days, but mostly I'm having some very irratic shadows that I've never felt before. Like the nerve is twitching sometimes too. So I definently think the detox is causing it. I'm all good Thanks for the reassurance. I'll be busting next week.