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  1. Yeah I was stressed and couldn't sleep I took 2mg last night not exactly a small dose. I'm not sure if I should bust tonight or not. I'm using seeds I'm unable to find mushies. I slept like a champ but now I'm afraid I won't get any benefit from busting
  2. Does xanax effect busting?
  3. where are us members ordering rd seeds from now? Trance takes a long time to ship and iamshaman is wwhere I usuallyget them from but they haven't had them lately. This cycle has been going on for months now it has been reallymild iI haven't been hit hard except a handful of times. I've been busting alot. I haven't had anything except a shadow every 2 or 3 days. Anybody have cycles end like this its just draging on. I'm not getting HA but I just don't have a clear head and the occasional shadow? I'm flying for a vacation next month and I'm gettinga little nervousabout it
  4. TxBust

    my cycle

    I have been busting every weekend for a month and a half now. Ive been using rc seeds and one dose of vit m. I think over all its been extremely helpful. I havnt been hit period besides some very mild shadows in weeks except when i think im over this cycle and drink a couple beers I'll get hit pretty bad (happend twice) but the weird time i get hit is my days of because i sleep in and i wake up with a pretty bad headache i haven't decided if its a cluster or not my eye waters and my nose clogs but it has a different feel to it hurts like hell just feels a little different but i don't get then on days i work i eagle IP at 6am on work days but for the last two weeks on day i dont have to work I've been waffle up with these headaches....has anyone had this happen to them before?
  5. thats really interesting! i have the rigimin i've yet to give it a far try i've had good luck with rc seeds. I'll defintly start the regimin and see how i fell.
  6. TxBust


    I've had a constant headache all day it's weird but it started this morning with a shadow i actually used some o2 but my nose isn't clogged and I'm not showing any signs of cluster I busted for the second time this cycle on Saturday anyone experienced anything like this
  7. TxBust


    I need to make sure i keep some food around which isn't a bad thing since i usually lose weight when i have a cycle
  8. TxBust


    I've noticed I'm getting a pretty bad shadow whenever I'm hungry. Anyone else notice this?
  9. my only question is what happens when your stop taking testosterone I believe is your testosterone levels drop low while your estorgene levels skyrocket. I have a bodybuilding buddy who explained this is the reason he takes Post Cyle Treatment but i was just think could this have the same effect as presidnone( sorry about the spelling) I don't know the reason for presidnone making my CH go away while i was taking it then after i stop come back with such avengence?
  10. I'm diffently on cycle but they are so mild i can sleep through them most of the time. I know it sounds crazy but i do use o2 when i'm awake to abort them and i did have one wake me up but it didnt' even make my eye water. I hope if i bust one more time it will almost be as if i didn't have a cycle. I'm afraid to talk like that lol, because watch the next one i get knock me to next week. The reason i was asking about the 5 days is i didn't have a pretty bad slap back tuesday at work, and i would rather have the slapback if i get one on sunday at home rather than monday at work.
  11. Why exactly is 5 days the recomended waiting period between busts? Just curious? I'm getting one in the morning one at night. Haven't had one midsleep yet. I hope it stays that way. Just waiting for sunday to come to rebust.
  12. It completely stoped my HA last year i thought my cycle was over but as soon as i got off of it they came back worse and my cycle lasted longer than i remembered them being before.....i would research rc seeds they stoped my last cycle...this year cycle i think has started but is really mild because ive been dosing every three months im redosing tonight and hopefully keep the cycle away all together......
  13. I am also completely wiped out i have no energy just the way i felt on cycle last year
  14. hello sorry I haven't been on the fourms much.... last year the same time as this year my headache came back I think..... I have been busting with rc seeds every 3 months.... I feel my headaches pounding but barely without much pain....... They are right behind the eye and feel like a cluster headache without the excruciating pain......im busting tonight just wondering if anyone has had a beginning of a cycle like this before
  15. Yeah i figured it was early. I just don't know what to do with PF self. I guess it's another weekend of going out while the girlfriend has all the fun lol
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