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  1. BlueHeeler

    Nasal sumatriptan question

    When I go without medicine its not by choice. Its usually because I don't have access to anything to abort the headache, or have already taken my limit for that day. One of the worst was earlier this year on a walk. I frequently take multi hour walks for stress relief. I was about an hour down the trail when the headache came on, I had forgotten any medicine and had no choice but to walk the whole way back with the headache. It finally broke about the time I got back to my Jeep and it was certainly a rush when it broke like glass and the headache was gone.
  2. BlueHeeler

    Nasal sumatriptan question

    I have also experienced that sense of euphoria after an attack. I have been fighting back the pain and suddenly it lifts and I realize its gone and I have won. I usually get it after the headaches where I don't take anything and just fight my way through it.