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  1. The liquor warehouse is a hundred bucks richer today!
  2. I'm one of the 10 percent as well. On the upper end of the scale, I get quite nauseous - which is a pain when you're trying to hold down shrooms and RC seeds. Nausea is a normal reaction for me when experiencing tremendous pain. During my one and only kidney stone, I hurled one afternoon while writhing on the bathroom floor in pain. The funny thing is... I remember laughing and thinking "This is nothing compared to a cluster attack!" :
  3. I took one LSA drink (25 crushed corymbosa seeds steeped for an hour in cranberry juice) and it mitigated it a bit. But it didn't completely subside. I drank a second, identical mixture, and it knocked it right out. Feeling awesome (read "pain-free") with no high feeling or trippy sensations from the LSA preparation. Man, that stuff is a miracle cure!
  4. I've been attack free for nearly 80 hours, but over the last day or so I've developed a constant, dull ache behind my right ear and in my right temple. This was the area most severely affected during my attacks. It feels as though I have a slight "cluster hangover" - no attacks, but a constant low-level pain. LSA tea has helped somewhat, but it hasn't completely knocked it out. It's a hell of a lot more manageable and desirable than a full-blown attack, but it sucks nonetheless. My scalp and hair follicles on the right side are sore as well. Has anyone experienced this?
  5. I'm gonna have to try this. I've noticed that when I feel a shadow coming on, or even in the midst of an attack, that repeatedly splashing water on my face and on the affected side of my head helps. I've tried ice packs, but the weight of the pack exerts too much pressure for me to stand.
  6. For me, any alcohol at all induces a 10. My recent cluster period began while drinking whiskey and beer chasers. This was early into the drinking session. About a week later, I had 1.5 beers and instantly got a three-hour monster. So I'm 100 percent sober for now. But when this cluster period ends, I'm hitting the liquor warehouse!
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