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  1. I started having attacks after eating about 6 months ago. It isn’t every meal. I can also eat the exact same thing one day and I am fine, other times I get an attack. The other thing that happens is my head gets hot. Haven’t been able to put a finger on what is causing it.

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  2. I used 2-3 bottles of Gliacin, it has the Boswellia in it. I didn’t notice any difference. I also take a supplement for knee issues, Solgar 7, it has Boswellia in it and it does help the joints.

  3. I have used both it and Ausanil off and on for several years. They both help sometimes, especially with the stronger ones. Ausanil was developed by a neuro for migraines. It is wicked strong, brought me to my knees the first time I used it.

  4. I was told about it by my neuro, I went through two bottles of it and it didn't help at all. I use a different supplement for joints that has the boswellia serrata in it and it has helped the knee...

  5. I have used a product called Sinus Buster, which is essentially pepper spray, for about three years. It works about 70% of the time. I had also heard about people using hot sauce under the tongue. I didn't think I could hold sauce that long, so I use atomic fireballs instead. Again, helps about 70% of the time.


    If I recall correctly, it was Ricardo that had mentioned the hot sauce.

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