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    Anyone tried Wim Holf's method for CH?

    He does breathing exercises Batch, not just getting cold... I have done them with varying results. They have not taken away a hit, but have eased them.
  2. CDog


    Yes tried it for about 8 months, it did not help...
  3. Interesting, thanks for sharing...
  4. CDog

    Boswellia Serrata

    I used 2-3 bottles of Gliacin, it has the Boswellia in it. I didn’t notice any difference. I also take a supplement for knee issues, Solgar 7, it has Boswellia in it and it does help the joints.
  5. CDog

    Capsaicin Method - Preventative

    I have used both Sinus Buster and Ausanil for at least five years. Both have helped off and on...
  6. CDog

    I'm so excited I have to tell someone

    I do the same with telemarketers, it is fun and oddly satisfying! Good for you... Just for fun, I did a live chat with them. Seemed to confuse the crap out of them. They wanted my email address so they could stop sending me emails!
  7. CDog

    Chronic pain article....

    Thanks for sharing!
  8. CDog


    Sorry to hear it stopped working for you, I was hoping this would be your silver bullet...
  9. Any chance that info could be posted here for those of us that don’t use FB or Twitter? Thanks...
  10. CDog

    Sinus buster

    I have used both it and Ausanil off and on for several years. They both help sometimes, especially with the stronger ones. Ausanil was developed by a neuro for migraines. It is wicked strong, brought me to my knees the first time I used it.
  11. CDog

    Clomephine Citrate to break a cycle?

    My neurologist had pointed this out to me. He was attending the AHS conference this week and there was supposed to be a presentation on it. I am waiting to hear more from him.
  12. CDog


    I was told about it by my neuro, I went through two bottles of it and it didn't help at all. I use a different supplement for joints that has the boswellia serrata in it and it has helped the knee...
  13. I had it for a colonoscopy several years ago, had a CH as soon as I came out of the procedure...
  14. CDog

    Help needed fast

    The listing on the Harbor Freight website says it is shipped empty...
  15. CDog

    New Cluster Headache Research Study - Science 37

    In the add posted above it says medication...
  16. I have had Botox done twice. For me they did a total of 32 shots each time. Shots were in the forehead, back of head and down the neck. While it took 10 years off my forehead, it did nothing for the headaches...
  17. CDog

    Hot Sauce in the noce for Cluster Headaches

    I have used a product called Sinus Buster, which is essentially pepper spray, for about three years. It works about 70% of the time. I had also heard about people using hot sauce under the tongue. I didn't think I could hold sauce that long, so I use atomic fireballs instead. Again, helps about 70% of the time. If I recall correctly, it was Ricardo that had mentioned the hot sauce.
  18. CDog

    The Jesus Shot

    Dallas Denny, have you heard about anyone else that has gone this route? Curious if any have reported "longer term" success. thanks
  19. CDog

    Memantine / Namenda??

    I used it for 3-4 weeks, was still ramping up, when severe depression set in. Up to that time it had not helped any.
  20. CDog

    The Jesus Shot

    Sorry to hear the HAs are back. I hope the next shot helps for much longer. Thanks for keeping us posted!
  21. The only time I got tremors was when I was taking Gabapentin. Probably best to get with your doc...
  22. CDog

    Anybody tried Memantine?

    I tried it last September. I was in the process of ramping up 5mg/day for a week, then 5mg twice a day. We were shooting for 10mg twice a day. I never made it that far. I was at about 15 mg/day when very bad depression set in. I got off of it and just in the last month or so, the depression has ebbed. The meds never had any effect on the CH... I hope you have more favorable results!
  23. CDog

    Effective Nerve Block

    So what was injected? I had the same procedure using Kenalog. My HA's got much worse for 7-10 days, then "back to normal."