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  1. Hi Jonathan, thanks for your response. Yes I've tried energy drinks the past years but found it made it worse. I don't suspect the coffeine / taurine or else but rather the high amount of sugar being a problem for me. Sure there are zero/diet versions around but same here, maybe the artificial sweeter isn't well tolerated. For coffee, I am a coffee lover (black and strong) but unfortunately it also seems to rather kick something off then help. Out of cycle I get sometimes shadows after a coffee so jury -for me- is still out . Agree on the gut feeling part. Interesting what yo
  2. Thanks both, I understand this might have sounded like a silly question but guess I am just over cautious / in fear o2 won't work anymore at some point.
  3. Other way around for me, I get often euphoric sensations before the build up of an attack (when not sleeping of course). Not kidding, it sucks. Batch's feedback makes sense as always
  4. Other way around for me, I get often euphoric sensations before the build up of an attack (when not sleeping of course). Not kidding, it sucks. Batch's feedback makes sense as always
  5. Late to the party but figured to response as well in case anyone stumbles upon this post. I looked into wobenzym years ago as well as I knew about its strong anti inflammatory ingredients (had it prescribed because of an inflamed knee, worked wonders) Just to state, this isn't any kind snake oil it's a very well known and reputable brand around here, often prescribed for any kind of joint / limb etc issues by doctors. I don't think it's available in the states for whatever reason (it was not back then, maybe it is now or under another brand name) I didn't try for CH myself as I want
  6. Hi all, I think I read a thread on this matter some years ago but not sure what the original discussion was, cant find it anymore. Question for long term o2 users - have you ever felt you built up a tolerance with o2 in your CH careers ? I know (have experienced myself) o2 can not abort an attack in some cases but that is very rare so I am not referring to these situations. I am asking because I have started a new cycle after many years and I am not sure I am torturing myself unnecessary since 2 weeks. When I feel an attack is coming - I usually wait it out how bad it gets until
  7. Hi guys, Think I mentioned that in another post, I have an upcoming tooth surgery. I postponed it as long as possible due to fear any anesthesia can cause an attack (I am PF since months but still feel something is there) Now I took the advice and told the doctor please man, no epiphenidrine as this can cause an attack. (I don't know if for me but don't want to find out) Turned out he know what cluster (he mentioned our known triggers so I believe him) is but couldn't comment much on the epi part. He suggested having an anesthesia assistant coming in and go the propofol route. (
  8. @urs I strongly believe Vit L can treat your mind just like you say. What I still can not get my head around is why there isn't finally some more research put into this substance or even allowance to get a treatment supervised in a clinic. It doesn't have to be sold on prescription in drug stores so abuse can be ruled out and per my understanding doesn't even have real addiction potential. Heck even cocaine or methadone and what else not is administered in specialized clinics. If it's true that the occurance of CH in the population is 1:1000, then it isn't that rare actually. Similar to M
  9. Yes its the same for me. When not in Cycle, one pain / injury follows the next. And that since a decade. Root chanel infection currently started right after. This goes on year around. Heavy neck pain gone after weeks not able to turn your head or even breath in without pain ? Fine, here you go with a varicocele (swollen vain in your scrotom). Treated ? Get your share of heavy flu not going away for months. One month after the other something else. No I am not waiting for it. I don't sit around saying what's next and so forth. But it still happens. This is a vicious cycle as your body and
  10. Yes it does ! I was pleasantly surprised that there was a mouthpiece with amextra "hose" included as well currently
  11. I just like to add that there are also people including me where it actualky works better with the cannula. I had a standard non rebreather mask and then also ordered the (original) clustermax mask. Non did work as fast as sticking the cannula in my mouth, make sure it's shut and close my nose with 2 fingers. Not saying the mask isn't better for most, just saying for some reason it's not for me and others report that as well. Cannula aborts in couple of minutes, masks take up to 15 mins and I know how to breath right. Either way, oxygen done right is great and everyone will find out for t
  12. I like this Jon, thanks very much !
  13. What I forgot - saw my Neurologist this week again and during our conversation he mentioned I come across severley anxious and tense to him (again, I am PF since a longer time) and that I urgently need to look into that. He said he has many cluster patients and confirms a pattern of people being extremely strong during an active phase and falling into a deep hole when it's over.(even if you don't directly feel you are "falling") Yes, PTSD is real for CH sufferers and yes it's common. He is an internationally known expert and also supports the " alternative " m/l options we also discuss on
  14. I have sort of the same thoughts this cycle. It behaves strange and I had the worst frequency with 8 attacks per night during March since ever. My last cycles just went on for some weeks and then one or 2 years remission - I didn't think about it much back then afterwards. Not this year. Due to the prior weeks of 8 attacks per night I find myself now being obsessed with the topic. Even if PF since 3 weeks, I can't think about anything else throughout the day. Obsessing what could trigger. Obsessing reading stuff about it. Coming across other bad desaeses I fear of getting, doing doctor maratho
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