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  1. So, I have an annual physical in a few days and plan on getting my vitamin D, calcium, and PT hormone levels checked. I think I'm experiencing something called exercise induced allergies. Apparently, this happens more frequently than you would think. Since stopping, the awake time hits have stopped. Crazy thing is that I'm still running in place with O2 at 2am in the morning as it helps abort the attack quicker than anything else. Yet, lifting weights causes a really bad hit 2 hours after. Honestly, i'm so tired of guessing. Just tired and need relief.
  2. I use a lot of O2 and the only time I thought it was not effective is when the tank was near empty. I don't know why, but the first O2 from a full tank is much more effective than the bottom.
  3. I get this as well. When I feel it, I know that hit is gone and I can stop the O2.
  4. Let me start off by saying, I was a big skeptic of essential oils. I have a family member that I have joked with for years about her belief in it. Today, you can call me a believer. I first started getting CH 12 years ago and it has always been a 2-4 month cycle every 1.5 years. I started my cycle in December 2020 and did all of the usual things that I know work. D3, busting, etc. Still, I'm in month 5, which is not normal. One thing that has happened in the last 30 days is the frequency and pain level have decreased dramatically. So much that during the day, I only have shadows,
  5. So, my CH cycles go ever 1.5 years and typically last 3 months. This last one started in December and it is now mid-April. Still having nightly hits. Now into month 4. One thing that is different is that I started working out for an hour 5 days a week. I've lost 35 lbs, however, I've noticed that after really heavy workouts, my hits get worse for the next few days. For the last 5 days, I stopped working out and the pain level has decreased each day. Honestly, I'm afraid to work out again. I've read online that those with higher vitamin D levels benefit when lifting weights and wonder if m
  6. A few nights ago, during a very bad nocturnal hit, I tried running in place with O2. After being exhausted, I sat down and noticed the intense vessel constriction all over. I continued O2 while sitting and it ended quickly. I've done it every night since and believe it dramatically cuts down the time to abort. I admit, it would look pretty crazy to an outsider. 2am in my jammies, sucking O2 and running as fast as I can in place. I laugh at myself every time. But, hey, if it works, who cares.
  7. Batch, thank you for all of this information. I'll try to answer your questions below. Allergic Response - Yes, I agree and I've been taking 50mg of Benadryl every 4 hours. I'm even doing this when I wake up with a CH at 2 in the morning. BTW, the addition of Benadryl every 4 hours was hard to get used to as it initially made me very sleepy. I've since gotten used to it and drowsiness really isn't an issue anymore. It helps SIGNIFICANTLY with pain during the day. I can't imagine my day without it now. I have heard about the cognitive issues that may be related to long time use, and tha
  8. I've been on the D3 regimen for years. It has helped quite a bit with shadows and the intensity of attacks. Recently, I started a cycle again and started taking more D3 than my normal dose. I've been taking 40,000 IU for a week and things have gotten better, but not gone. Still have an average of 3 attacks at night, with most easy to abort with O2. Some take 30 minutes to get rid of. Anyway, I was a little worried about my vitamin D levels as I was taking quite a bit. So, I ordered a test and my results are below. Should I be worried? Do I need to reduce my D3 intake? i'm worri
  9. tmac

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    Hi Ammo, I wanted to share my experience. Maybe it'll help! I have had two sinus surgeries and even had teeth pulled before I found that busting & D3 is legit. Last year, I was in the most horrible pain of my life with 3-4 attacks a day. These were level 10 headaches. I couldn't function and was ready to give up. I took the plunge and busted with LSH and that stopped the everyday cycle. It was quite dramatic. I would have erratic attacks, but they were different and not day consuming. I was terrified of trying it and it seemed wrong, but there's nothing like pain to get you to do
  10. Treelove, I too just tried the seeds 6 days ago and it has definitely changed things for me. No major hits since. Something you might want to try for the shadows is Claritin-D 24 hour. Go to any pharmacy. Ask for the generic 24 hour version of it. It is has to be the -D kind. I am taking one every evening and sometimes half of one during the middle of the day. Doesn't make you sleepy. For me, this and the seeds seem to make life almost normal again.
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