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Found 5 results

  1. Update: I was at the peak of my cluster-headache phase. I decided to take psylo-cybin twice. Once 1.5g and once with 2g, two days in a row. Next day, massive cluster attack. I then decided to go with Wobenzym. (German name for this three enzyme compilation which has a strong anti inflammatory effect). Best thing about it, it is over the counter. 28 EUR for 100 pills and natural...just enzymes! (used against inflammation of vanes, bladder, tendinitis, rheumatism a.s.o) Making sense everyone ;)?! Wobenzym Plus I have been feeling awesome with no clusters for 12.5 days now and I was microdosing psilocybin with 1.4mg a day. My cluster phase usually takes 12-16 weeks. I feel it is the Wobenzym (2 x pills / 3 - 4 x day) but it may be the mushrooms as well. I read that right after taking the psylocybin it could trigger cluster attack, but Right after that the cycle ist stopped fully. I am aware that the dose 1.5 - 2.0 was to low. But I had no experience with it, so I decided to first see how the reaction would be. Now I would be ready for a 3g and then a 4g dose. At present, I see no reason for it, since I have n more clusters. If I drop the Wobenzym, my Clusters return. So, I believe it is this product (Wobenzym). At this point, I'm happy that I'm pain free and...feeling really crisp and clear! Hoping it will last. Now continuing with Wobenzym only and hoping my..."feel great state"...will last Sure beats Cortisone and Sumatriptan.
  2. Cluster headaches my natural remedies: lachnanthes tinctoria D6 3x5 Calcium phosphororicum D12 MSM 2x /Day minimum (in phase up to 20 spoons or capsules) Black cumin oil (takes out the inflammation) Carnosin (2-4) Nato (Makes blood thinner) Cortison homeopatic (worth a try) Q10 Wobenzym (German name of it) Psilocybin - Magic mushrooms) 1.5 - 3.5 and 4 Grams. Note: Not legal, but who the Fxxk cares. Oxygen 15L/Min - Helps short time for me Water fasting - I haven't tried but will My Triggers: Glycerin Cigarettes Beer Whine Others I am not aware of yet Cycles start with late winter, early spring mostly: January - 10 February Antihistamines and nicotine do not trigger my clusters. My allergies start around April - May usually. This year in March, due to warm weather. First time I took antihistamines during a cycle but not before the clusters. So for me it's not a trigger. Important Note: Glycerine (heart patients and electric cigarette smokers etc..) This will 100% trigger the clusters cycle. In fact, it's a way doctors in neurology diagnose cluster headaches. For eSmokers... There is liquid without glycerine. Now the pharma medicine list I have used and partially use today, when all else fails. 1. Sumatriptan-Hormosan Inject 6mg/0,5 ml This one way single shots take the pain away for me. However, they completely take me out as well. All I can do is sleep and after that illl benumb, dull, drowsy and not able to focus on anything. Heart issue patients be careful as the side effects can influence, effect and cause severe heart problems. 2. Zomig nasal spray 5mg Helps me for a short while only but it can bring relief. 3. Prednison 20mg(cortisone) - first 10 days 120mg a day - 8 days to 80mg a day - 4 days 40-50mg a day - 2 days 20mg a day Seriously, as much as I hate taking this crap cortisone, it almost instantly after starting with it, ended my cycle. So from all the chemical pharma this is my number one if all homeopathic options fail to keep it at bay. The long term side effects of are numerous and nasty and I simply dispise using it. 4. Verapamil (Betablocker) I will list it here, but have nothing to say about it, accept that it is used as part of the cycle cure listed above under the pharma meds. This crap has an effect on libido, the heart, and all kinds of other things in the body. I never used it. However, I would, if all else failed.
  3. Cluster Headache  Gone

    My Cluster Headaches are finally gone for good.

    My Name is Michael, I would like to a acknowledge everyone who is suffering with the beast, I pray that my Son or anyone else out there will not go through the HELL I went through. I'll tell you my story, it's going to be about a pity party like no other. However, at the end I did find my cure and I hope you find yours. I was 22 when I was hit with headaches that didn't want to leave. Thank God, I had great insurance. I saw several ENT's - Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists, a Couple of Neurosurgeons, a couple of Chiropractors, an acupuncturist, some gentleman who put a hot iron on my head... believe me when you have this pain, displaced pain helped me to get through it. Long story short, I was finally diagnosed with what is referred to as Cluster Headaches, for which I was told that there was no cure. By this time, I had knocked my self- out, used a towel with a hot iron on my forehead several times, using a towel not to burn the skin to much. These headaches have a Nick name, as you may know, they're called Suicide Headaches. I can believe why, one day I went to the beach just to try to burn out my left eye with the Sun... I told you this was about a pity party. I can go on and on about this pain, but I'm sure you have your own stories. I recently watched Kung Fu Hustle, I strongly recommended it. What I got out of it, is sometimes we're put in an extremely bad situations to learn lifes' lesson, my opinion of course. I danced with the Devil for close to 8 years. My redemption came with a young lady named Ani, she knew of my headaches and had me listen to a meditation tape. OK, please stay with me. When your in God awful pain you'll try anything. I listened to this tape and to put it simply, it opened another door for me. I knew no one on the outside was going to help me, I tried everything I came across, so I figured I'll cure myself. Please keep an open mind, it worked for me, everyone's built different and I'm just sharing my experience. My cure was heaven sent for sure. Although, I cursed a lot, I kept the faith, sometimes it was less then a grain of rice, but it was there. How I cured my self was with mostly God's help. I started meditating every hour I could, and what I mean by meditation may be different from others definition on meditation. For me, I would spend almost every moment of everyday concentrating on my hand and fingers, after a while I could feel the blood flow being pushed into my hands and fingers. I actually got a security job so I definitely had time to do so. After a while, I realized I could control my blood flow to each of my fingers at will, this took some time, but believe me, it was like winning the lottery 1000 fold. I woke up one morning with one of the worst migraines of my long line of episodes. I was done, I told God I was done. Then something phenomenal / remarkable happened. I had my hand near my head and I felt what can only be explained or felt like a small electric current. I thought to myself, could this be it. I pushed and pulled the blood through the left front side of my head where the majority of my pain was centered. Let me explain what I mean by pushing and pulling in detail. Once I had taught myself to control my blood flow, by focusing on one finger at a time. I felt by controlling my breathing ( Breathing in slowly from my diaphragm - pulling slowly) and breathing out slowly while focusing - pushing slowly) I could literally push and pull my blood circulation. I know it sounds crazy, but it worked for me. On my way to work that morning I felt what I can only explain as a vein vibrating or a small popping sensation down the left side of my nose. The Beast had left the building. I am not a doctor, this isn't medical advise by a long shot, just sharing what worked for me. I'm 54 now and still Cluster free. THANK YOU GOD
  4. Hi, when I first started taking the D3 Regimen it worked wonders for me (2016). This time however, it doesn't seem to be working. I had dengue fever a few weeks ago and was VERY sick (lost between 10-14 lbs) and was also on antibiotics before that for a dental abscess. A few weeks after I've recovered from the Dengue....I started suffering from cluster headaches again. I started the D3 Regimen (2 week - 50,000 IU/day loading schedule) but now I'm at the end of the schedule the headaches still persists. I'm wondering if maybe I have an absorption problem. When I initially started the regimen back in 2016, I used a sublingual D3 supplement. Now I'm using gel caps. Is it safe for me to use the gel caps (50,000 IU) and then use D3 liquid (50,000 IU) in my orange juice as a general beverage? Is there a danger to me by upping the D3 dosage by this much for 1 week (100,000 IU D3/day) while taking all the other cofactor pills? I've also started taking benedryl today since my allergies are always bugging me and that might be a factor as well. I will try to have a D3 serum test done at the end of this month but I just want the pain to go away like the last time and I can't find thesublingual pills in store. Hoping to hear from someone soon, thanks!
  5. hello every one. I have suffered for thirty years and didn't know about this site. I thought i was the only one out there. LOL! There is some clinical stuff on the web but most of it is wrong. So two years ago I had a MRI done at the VA Hospital in Boise, Idaho and they found I had white brain lesions. The radiologist doctor who read my scan wrote this: There are a moderate number of lesions in the white matter bilaterally mostly subcortical in location. this one in the cerebral peduncle. etiology is uncertain. Distribution is atypical for chronic deep white matter ischemic change. most likely due to either change for chronic migraine headaches, vasculitis, or demyelaination. With this I have notice the last few years that my memory has declined. I applied for a change to my compensation for my headaches as they have become worse the last few years and I have found I need someone else to work with me at events when I can't work because of the headaches. this has become a financial burden on my family. So I guess what I'm asking is does anyone else have WML caused by cluster headaches. Or have documentation that clusters headaches cause this. Any help would be grateful. I have a lot of reading on this site to do to get caught up. Thank you Lloyd R.