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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, when I first started taking the D3 Regimen it worked wonders for me (2016). This time however, it doesn't seem to be working. I had dengue fever a few weeks ago and was VERY sick (lost between 10-14 lbs) and was also on antibiotics before that for a dental abscess. A few weeks after I've recovered from the Dengue....I started suffering from cluster headaches again. I started the D3 Regimen (2 week - 50,000 IU/day loading schedule) but now I'm at the end of the schedule the headaches still persists. I'm wondering if maybe I have an absorption problem. When I initially started the regimen back in 2016, I used a sublingual D3 supplement. Now I'm using gel caps. Is it safe for me to use the gel caps (50,000 IU) and then use D3 liquid (50,000 IU) in my orange juice as a general beverage? Is there a danger to me by upping the D3 dosage by this much for 1 week (100,000 IU D3/day) while taking all the other cofactor pills? I've also started taking benedryl today since my allergies are always bugging me and that might be a factor as well. I will try to have a D3 serum test done at the end of this month but I just want the pain to go away like the last time and I can't find thesublingual pills in store. Hoping to hear from someone soon, thanks!
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