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  1. As Batch alluded to above, Quercetin is being used as an effective antihistamine and potent immune booster. Actually, over the last few weeks on Amazon, Quercetin 1000mg supplements have been in VERY high demand. Amazon is constantly playing catch up and regularly out of stock.
  2. Seff

    CH and sleep

    When I was diagnosed, my CHs occured at specific times throughout the day after I woke up on mornings, like clockwork. Over the past 4 years I maybe only had 1-2 nocturnal CH attacks. However, right now for the first time during this cycle I'm in, I'm experiencing night time headaches. It changes up on you, unfortunately.
  3. Hi Batch, Thanks, I'll check and PM you. =General Update for The Board and Anyone Else= I have been able to switch rooms with my parents over the past two days while taking the supplements mentioned above. First Day = 18+ hours pain free Second + Third Day = 26+ hours pain free 1 Headache per day vs 2-4 as I was experiencing before. Will make some changes in my environment and continue to post my progress as this might be helpful to another person reading.
  4. Hey @xxx, @spiny and everyone else! Seasons Greetings and Merry Christmas to you! ==Update - WINDOW AC UNIT possible cause?== Since I last posted, I have seen very slight improvements with my CH (intensity, frequency and duration). I think this very, very slight improvement might have been due to the Quercetin, Bromelain and Vitamin C - QBC I've been taking (sometimes twice the dosage a day). I took 4mg of histal (Chlorphenamine Meleate) along with the other stuff today vs. going back on Benadryl and have been pain free for over 5 hours now (no shawdows etc.). In addition t
  5. Just to update this post: My serum 25(OH)D came back at 144ng/mL when I did this test back in 2018. Which suggests to me at that time, my D3 was in a high enough range before I started loading for me to be pain free but I wasn't. I think what probably helped at the time in addition to my high D3 levels were the continued use of Benadryl, Probiotics and Tumeric (Curcumin) - 1100 mg due to persistent allergies. ==Current Situation== Throughout the year, I lapsed with the regimen, general good health and nutrition. And about 2-3 weeks ago, like clockwork my CH cycle started.
  6. Just wanted to share an update: I love sublingual Vitamin D3: When I last posted on Nov 29th (Thursday), my goal was to take the Prednisone I was prescribed and then restart the Vitamin D3 50,000IU loading schedule the following Monday, 3rd Dec.... However, that Thursday night after I posted I had a change of heart and decided to take the sublingual D3 I bought instead of the Prednisone and instead of waiting till Monday. I slept well that night and did not wake up the next day with an impending headache but in the afternoon I had a cluster headache that la
  7. You are absolutely correct! I mean, I knew antibiotics killed good and bad bacteria in your gut but... I did not know before how important your gut was to your health and well-being! If only I knew before what I know now, but that's life right I'll keep you posted!
  8. Thanks again Batch, I went to the doc today and got 1 week of Prednisone to help with the pain and also introduced him to the Vitamin D3 Regimen. I also had the Vit D3 blood test done today and should get the results next week. The 500mg Amoxicillin I was on was for a root canal right before I was diagnosed with the Dengue. I took your advice and got some Probiotics and Tumeric (Curcumin) - 1100 mg today as well so I started those today. I also got some Superior Source Vitamin D3 (sublingual) today as well so I'll start either the 4 week loading schedule on Monday.
  9. Thanks for the response Tony! I've spoken to Batch over email and he gave some suggestions to try, but other than what I've outlined above...I have nothing else to use. I strongly believe that the dose of Amoxicillin I was on 500mg three times a day for 5 days, then immediately after Dengue fever.....I think have messed with my body, my gut...something happened that triggered these CH again and is preventing this D3 Regimen from working.... I will fight through the pain, stop the regimen or at least only take the maintenance dose of 10k IU/day, get the test done ASAP, get a probioti
  10. Hi, when I first started taking the D3 Regimen it worked wonders for me (2016). This time however, it doesn't seem to be working. I had dengue fever a few weeks ago and was VERY sick (lost between 10-14 lbs) and was also on antibiotics before that for a dental abscess. A few weeks after I've recovered from the Dengue....I started suffering from cluster headaches again. I started the D3 Regimen (2 week - 50,000 IU/day loading schedule) but now I'm at the end of the schedule the headaches still persists. I'm wondering if maybe I have an absorption problem. When I initially star
  11. This is the first time I saw this doctor. I've been experiencing these headaches for 5-8 years actually, they got progressively worse. As a teenager I've gotten prescription glasses in hopes that it would stop, I've gotten UV shades because at one point my PCP told me it could be sun exposure (I worked in the sun a lot), but mostly its been treated as sinusitis because of the seasonality. I would go to my PCP, tell her about the headaches and she would say migraine or sinusitis and prescribe sinus medication or stronger pain medication like panadeine...which did absolutely nothing for me. Hea
  12. Hey John, Yea its crazy what he suggested! However, I've found some relief re: Batch's D3 Regimen! I've been on it now for 5 days, 50,000IU per day and my headaches have decreased to the point where yesterday I didn't have a headache at all I did have a headache this morning when I woke up, but that could have been triggered by what I ate which was Maple Almond and Pecan Ice Cream....right before bed or just because I went to bed late (I went to bed after 4-5am doing school work and woke up around 7am) but the pain was nothing compared to what I've experienced before taking the D3, it was
  13. Okay, I researched/searched the forums and got some clarification on the D-3 regimen. Taking ≥10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 without taking magnesium supplements will lead to a magnesium deficiency... When that happens, the magnesium-calcium ratio tanks and this will result in cramps, usually feet, legs and hands at first... While that may seem annoying and easily dismissed, when it happens to your heart and you feel a galloping sensation in your chest... It gets your attention big time. "All the supplements in the anti-inflammatory regimen play an important role in preventing your CH and sta
  14. @CHFather, Thanks! I will have to look into oxygen, my doctor recommended it but he said that most people COME in to get it..I'll look into getting it at my home. Also, I'm intrigued by the D-3 Regimen, however, in the absence of all the other vitamins and nutrients at the moment, can I just purely take the D-3 for now till I can get the other vitamins? I'll also be looking into the 5 hour energy and keep some around the house... My worry is though, I hope that these things don't prolong or change my cycle, making it worst or lasting longer than they usually do etc since its episodic
  15. I've been recently diagnosed with CH...I've been having these episodes for the past 5 years lasting 4-8 weeks then it just disappears and starts again around the same time, pain is excruciating! This episode the pain is originating from my left eye, radiating throughout my temple and general left side of head. Normal pain medication doesn't work so the doctor put me on 2 25mg of prednisone daily which has helped... My headaches don't wake me up, they come each morning after I wake up, within 30-60mins of waking up Before, my only relief was to try to fall asleep with the pain, after which t
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