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Found 1 result

  1. hello every one. I have suffered for thirty years and didn't know about this site. I thought i was the only one out there. LOL! There is some clinical stuff on the web but most of it is wrong. So two years ago I had a MRI done at the VA Hospital in Boise, Idaho and they found I had white brain lesions. The radiologist doctor who read my scan wrote this: There are a moderate number of lesions in the white matter bilaterally mostly subcortical in location. this one in the cerebral peduncle. etiology is uncertain. Distribution is atypical for chronic deep white matter ischemic change. most likely due to either change for chronic migraine headaches, vasculitis, or demyelaination. With this I have notice the last few years that my memory has declined. I applied for a change to my compensation for my headaches as they have become worse the last few years and I have found I need someone else to work with me at events when I can't work because of the headaches. this has become a financial burden on my family. So I guess what I'm asking is does anyone else have WML caused by cluster headaches. Or have documentation that clusters headaches cause this. Any help would be grateful. I have a lot of reading on this site to do to get caught up. Thank you Lloyd R.
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