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  1. Good Day CHfather: Yes I do carry O2 with me everywhere in the car, the trailer, and at the house. I went thur 60 E-tanks in just one year on the road. And a H or M tank about every five days. Now the VA worries that I getting to much O2 and that it could harm me. When I'm driving to go to a ER to get Pain meds because I have reached the end of my rope. I know that there are people out there that think that pain meds don't help or cause re- bound headaches. But I have never had a re-bound headache from pain meds. I only use it as a last resort. Because I know that the pain is from my bloo
  2. thank you chfather: WML is white matter lesions: Because they didn't have MRI's back 30 years ago it just showed up. I was tested for the demyelination and vasculitis and the test came back neg. that is what i trying to prove is that the WML was caused by the CH. I'm trying to get my disability rating increased thur the VA. I haven't tried SSDI yet. Im 57 years old. The memory loss is also something I'm trying to get the VA to understand that is also could be caused by the chronic CH. What haven't I tried for the CH. LOL! I read a AMA journal about Dr. Diamond doing a trial in Huston for
  3. hello every one. I have suffered for thirty years and didn't know about this site. I thought i was the only one out there. LOL! There is some clinical stuff on the web but most of it is wrong. So two years ago I had a MRI done at the VA Hospital in Boise, Idaho and they found I had white brain lesions. The radiologist doctor who read my scan wrote this: There are a moderate number of lesions in the white matter bilaterally mostly subcortical in location. this one in the cerebral peduncle. etiology is uncertain. Distribution is atypical for chronic deep white matter ischemic change. most
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