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  1. Hi I do not feel different, eating is beside smoking (formerly canabis today Tabak) My greatest joy My blood levels are almost perfect in all areas, cholesterol also moves slowly in the right direction! Iron value was analyzed by neurolts extra, and was also perfect. Also Vit3 is with me in the area 80 .. previously 21 .. my family doctor says from 100 I would have to expect metabolic effects. http://www.renneberg-online.de/ernaehrung.html If you translated this page, so I have my first attempts made it to communicate with the food. My conviction is, it is not the food itself! It is together with the stomach. Probably a false colonization of the intestine or a defect of the construction flap (bauhin flap). She gives us the pleasure with the pain. When I did not know why I have a headache I tried to drink a glass of water with a teaspoon full of soda. That leaves the pain away .. very fast! And they come back, within about 5min. I'm sure it's up to the stomach! And if you change your diet you have very fast a lot of peace before the pain! Just try it and button to the food ran when you feel better .. 5-day diet is really not a long time!? Smoking I also do a lot and strong tobacco, 500gr costs about 15 € 50 Zigarreten costs with us also 15 € So I get at least 500 cigarettes for 15 €. I think that's cheap enough. If you have questions Say, I want to answer you! Greetings and I hope you are already better?!
  2. Hi Freud I would ask you to try with a radical short nutritional change. Whenever my cycle does not want to end, then I do it. It works within 4 days with me when I'm iron and stick to it. It's very easy to eat there are only a few things during this time. Apples, potatoes, oatmeal, coffee, water. Approx. 1 kg apples a day, from the supermarket without shell! Own anzeits best with shell. 1-3kg Potatoes I cook with shell without salt! Until they are quite through, rather too little. Then I peel it in cold water. 500gr mix at work The oatmeal I eat with a mixture of water and apple porridge and linseed oil. I only drink water without carbon dioxide, and with extremely low calzium salary with 26mg. For values over 100mg developed I strangely strong pain. And the hardest for me. Absolutely no chocolate! coffee without milk! Little sugar! (and no sugar-free things, sweets etc ..) Only these things otherwise nothing 4-5 days! Would be glad if you try it, and tell us .. yes it worked!! If not I would order a pizza home for compensation :-) ps: If it is only possible somehow, forget these drugs for your thought head. I am a damaged by you, Restless Legs.. Greetings and painless hours!
  3. Hello Has anyone suffer from you a stomach? Since I had the stomach problems probably a ulcer, I got pantoprazole from the doctor. For this purpose, I have fed two weeks predominantly of pell potatoes, lots of jog without sugar .. In the morning, at noon and evening .. a pureed apple with previously mixed oatmeal (flour) porridge eaten .. Ca 750gr-1kg Now I'm actually in the cycle. but after about 5 days, the pain went away, and have now disappeared for 14 days. But I have to say, I became a night man this year. I work as soon as the sun goes down and sleep when she has risen. Previously, I worked as a roofer .. maybe it's just because of it. So far I have 2 times 10kg oxygen needed in this cycle. But it could also be on the stomach, I think!? The stomach is pretty hard to see through .. Maybe someone wants to try Best regards
  4. hi Guys Could our pain also hang together with this type of malfunction? I randomly stold over the pressure compensation exercise and ask me if that could help .. You should, 2 times a day .. in the morning and in the evening. Carry a nasal flush with saline. and hold the nose and mouth 50 times a day and exhale .. so that the pressure can escape in the ear liebe grüße
  5. Now you would have to find out how to put yourself best in such a state!? I have read something about the consumption of coffee and its negative effect on the adrenal bark. Coffee would put the body into a continuous stress, with too much coffee would bring the adrenal bark .. until the lasting exhaustion brought. It has been compared to a Neanderthal who hunts at the hunts without success. That could therefore fit somehow together! In my case eg. I am 36 years old. Smoke about 30 years. I drink coffee for about 15 years. for 10 years daily and 8 years of it. Cluster I have about 6 years now ..
  6. For me, everything seems to have chocolate to cause the most negative effects. I have not stopped smoking, I smoke sometimes just too. And best and fast on the other hand helps me if I reach a shock condition. randomly noted in traffic, emergency braking .. No more pain best regards
  7. hi jon019 Have you not been smoking an improvement in terms of attacks? best regards
  8. hi I know that when I get a shock, then an attack disappears within less seconds! I noticed during the driving, I had to slow down. It was so shocked that I was bright awake as hunted. Pain were up to the moment at 5/10 and ascending .. I wanted to use the car the next possibility.
  9. On my demand, they told me, they only ship within Canada. Unfortunately, otherwise it would be worth a try if you are desperate.
  10. hi today i had 3 nights in a row without pain. I cover my eyes while working on the pc, while watching TV, and while staring at the smartphone.. it struck me that I used the sore eye .. while working without covering it .. normally very concentrated.. and i can eat what i want, also smoke. I'll have a beer or two tonight. but i'll cover my eyes for the whole evening .. alcohol confuses two eyes more than one eye you are welcome to say something about it, and sorry for the bad english^^ ciao
  11. Hi i wanted to start a little survey. I'm looking for an easy, inexpensive way to track down our suffering ^^ who of you has tried an eye patch? or during a period one used by the ophthalmologist? I found a logical explanation for our pain on the website of an optician! the talk is of an inflammation of the eye muscle. which should be created by balancing the eyes to each other. this optician would make prism eyeglasses to prevent inflammation! he says it would provide relief but not a cure .. but experience has shown that it would be much better than any glasses. i'm trying to wear sunglasses without glasses .. I find his explanation appropriate because I had my first conscious cluster. when I did an ebay research. I scoured countless pages and got a cluster. today I know that it was ... not back then i have a sock wrapped on the side where my pain occurs. last night it at least possibly worked, as a test I overloaded myself extensively with mcdonald food and watched netflix until late at night ... with an eye patch. usually i get at least one attack the same night from eating I'll keep you up to date! best regards
  12. i thought the other way around, i got my first season cluster a year after a 3-fold vaccination. but it wasn't a flu shot
  13. Hi guys I apologize in advance for my bad english.. I use the googel translator, but I think that's enough to talk to you in writing. I found out by chance how I can completely get rid of my cluster headaches within 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The problem is that the effect doesn't last longer than 30 minutes. and i'm not a doctor, so i can't say anything about health issues (side effects). But I think if you are at a strength of 10/10 and just want to fill up with oxygen painlessly to stay painless, it could be of help. so I am sharing this with you in order to collect suggestions from around the world as to what extent this effect produces its positive properties and how it could be used !? I hope I can encourage you to involve your doctors and gifted friends / scientists and possibly try it yourself in an emergency you only need 1 glass of water and in it you dissolve 1-2 teaspoons of baking soda (that for baking, not the detergent !!!) according to the brand, we call it Kaisernatron. the effect sets in extremely quickly !. unfortunately that hits back tremendously ... but i'm sure the solution to our problem is close to the substance! what do you all mean? Warm greetings from German
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